Thursday, August 23, 2012

333 Stairs to the Beach

Today I took a day off to ride around the park and to Tofino. So, it wasn't really a day off since I ended up riding 29 miles.

I left my campsite at 9:00 (with food panniers safely locked in the bear locker). I took my raingear because it seemed like it could rain (it didn't). On the way toward Tofino, I pulled into a place called Incinerator Rock. There was no explanation as to the origin of this name. There wasn't much happening (no incinerating going on) so I continued down the road. Next I came to the trail to Schooners Cove. I had read about this one. It was a 1 km walk through the forest to the beach and Schooners Cove. I didn't feel like walking just yet, so off I rode.

The place I was most interested in going to was Radar Hill. The park info said it was a short, but steep 100 meters walk. What the info did not mention was that it was a long, very steep road to get to the trail. I was only carrying a bag with my raingear and I was in super granny gear to get to the top! The last time I was in super granny without bags I was going up Hurricane Ridge! I made it to the top and walked up the "short, steep, 100 meters" to a spectacular view of...nothing. There was too much fog to see anything and, as for the radar stuff for which the hill is named, not much there either. At least I had the ride down, right? Unfortunately, the road was a bit too rough in places to let Betsy fly too fast.

Back out on the main road, I left the park and not too long later picked up a bike path into Tofino. As it was getting close to snack time, I was looking forward to finding a bakery in Tofino. I rolled into Tofino keeping my eyes peeled for signs of a bakery. Believe it or not, there wasn't one! Really all Tofino seemed to have was places to go on whale watching tours. Finally, I just stopped at the Co-op grocery store and got some cheese and crackers for lunch and a couple of donuts from the bakery part of the store (and some chocolate milk). I ate at a table outside the store, then headed back to the park.

On the way back I stopped at Schooners Cove again. This time I did the walk to the beach. The trail was a boardwalk for the entire 1 km with 333 stairs! It was a nice little cove at the end of the walk.

I also stopped at Incinerator Rock again. This time there were several people out surfing (or "waiting" as I like to refer to it). They had full wet suits on, of course.

I returned to my campsite at Green Point at about 2:00. It was a good ride for a day off. I changed out of my bike shorts (wore them under my pants) and had a little "campsite bath". There are no showers here which I find odd because there is hot water in some of the restroom buildings. Oh well, I should have a shower at Sproat Lake tomorrow.

Tonight there was a lovely sunset. The weather has finally cleared up. I think tomorrow will be a nice day.

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