Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Week in the Pondo

I've just returned from another fabulous week at the Clarke's cabin in The Ponderosa with Lorraine and Annette. Since it is on the eastern edge of the Cascade Mountains, the weather was primarily hot and sunny. We did have a couple of cooler, windy days, but not too bad.

We swam in the pool, went for a few bike rides, wandered around the shops in Leavenworth, and had an encounter with a squirrel who decided to check out the INSIDE of the cabin (he went out the hole he had come in and then we blocked the hole).

We had planned to float the Wenatchee River in inner tubes, but the river was still quite high, fast, and very cold. The place we had rented tubes from a couple of years ago wasn't there, so we took the hint and didn't float the river.

Below are some images from The Ponderosa. On our walks, we noticed lots of places for sale (a sign of the economy I'm sure). There is everything from the old mobile home under the snow roof to the huge "mansion" cabins that are bigger than my house! The views are spectacular as are the curiosities such as the bras on the pole (complete with lights) and a bike zip-tied to a tree. The road runs under the power lines close enough that you get "zapped" while riding if you touch bare skin to metal (We ride "knees wide" going under the power lines).

It was truly a fun and relaxing week with my great friends! I consider myself lucky to get to laugh and play with these two wonderful women!

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