Friday, July 6, 2012

The Better Half

We didn't end up riding around the lake, but the second half of the day was very nice.

Once the rain let up a little, we rode over to the lodge for lunch and wifi. I had delicious fish and chips (sweet potato fries).

After lunch we retired to the lobby to sit in front of the fire and connect to the complimentary wifi. Around 4:00 Harvest Moon, a local author and Native American storyteller, came to the lobby with her dog Moon Shadow (an Australian Red Heeler). She did about an hour of storytelling. It was very entertaining.

After Harvest Moon finished, we checked out the Mercantile, then returned to our campsite. Carol discovered she had a couple of inches of rain water in her rear pannier. It was closed, but the side clips that the compression straps connect to were clasped together on top which allowed water to get in. She set about drying everything while Christian and I had a snack dinner (lunch was so big we didn't need a full dinner).

After we finished with our tasks, we went for a walk on the Rain Forest Trail. The weather had finally cleared and it was perfect for a walk in the forest. There are some whopper sized trees! It was all very beautiful.

When Christian and I returned to the campground (somehow we lost Carol), we went down to the lake. The sun was setting so we got some great photos.

When we got back to the campsite, Carol wasn't there. I thought she was having tea with Bob, the camp host. Turns out she had taken a wrong turn on the trail and ended up back at the lodge. She made it back to camp before it was dark, so all was fine.

Since the weather has cleared, we are hoping for some sunshine for tomorrow's ride to Westport.

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