Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Beach Time!

After leaving The vampire mania of Forks, we continued working our way to the Coast. Along the way we stopped to pick some berries. While we were waiting for Carol to catch up, Christian laid down for a little nap (he didn't really go to sleep) along the side of the road.

We popped out to the Coast at Ruby Beach. Then, down the road was the Big Cedar. It was only .3 miles in so we took a look. It was quite interesting. It's really a nurse log.

We arrived at Kalaloch Campground after almost 10 hours on the road (only about 6 were riding hours--we don't know where the other 4 hours went--at least it didn't seem like we had spent that much time taking breaks--but, probably we did). I wanted a campsite on the ocean side, but there weren't any available and they didn't seem big enough anyway. We got a nice spot with room for our three tents.

Tonight we had Mexican food for dinner. Carol had brought some taco seasoning mix, and we bought some beans, rice, and tortillas. We also had cheese and sour cream (an advantage of the weather not being so hot). I cut up a tomato and an avocado and we added that to the mix. Carol added a bit too much of the seasoning for my taste. I think I could have lit a campfire with my lips! But, then again, I'm not such a spicy foods person so it probably wasn't that hot.

After dinner we went for a walk on the beach. I had hoped for a good sunset, but there were too many clouds off the horizon.

Christian and I played cards and I showed him my card tricks. We don't have as many miles tomorrow (only about 35), so we'll be sleeping in.

We're hoping this non-raining weather pattern continues...

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