Wednesday, July 11, 2012

And Now Just One

We woke to sun and a whole lotta dew on the tents. I laid out my rainfly on one of the teepee concrete pads knowing i was going to be packing up a wet tent. No big deal as I was just going home.

Christian and I enjoyed our last breakfast together. Him with his bread with meat and cheese and me with my oatmeal and hot chocolate. I finished packing up my stuff. Christain was going to wait until his tent was completely dry since he would not be using it for the rest of his stay in Seattle.

I headed out just after 9:00. It's only about 10 miles back to the ferry. Of course there are some pretty good hills, so it took me just under an hour.

When I got to the terminal, the ferry dock lady was blowing the dust and dirt from the whole ferry dock road. She told me to wait on the other side of the street. She finally gave me the go ahead to ride down to the walk-on passenger area. She apologized for keeping me from coming down. She said she takes pride in a clean dock. She said she is a bit of a "Felix Unger". I told her she could come clean my house if she ran out of dock to clean.

The ferry arrived, off-loaded, and then I rolled on. I tied up Betsy (all alone now) and went upstairs. It was a beautiful day on the water.

The ride was over all too soon. This time, when I got off the ferry, I pulled off on the sidewalk and waited for all the ferry traffic to exit the boat before I started up the hill from the dock. As is true of most ferry terminals, the road is pretty steep away from the dock. Once I got to the intersection for Point Defiance (the park), I continued on Park Ave. instead of going up Pearl. Park turns into Vassault and there is a bike lane the whole way. I think the hill is a little steeper than Pearl, but I will go this way from now on (should I happen to go to Point Defiance or Vashon again). It was nice to have a bike lane and loads less traffic than on Pearl with no bike lane.

When I got to Bridgeport and 27th, I stopped for lunch at Subway #6 (I'm sure Christian is happy to NOT have Subway anymore!).

The rest of the trip home was unremarkable. On occasion I did mistakenly look in my rear view mirror for Christian. Sadly, he wasn't there...enjoy Seattle my friend!

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