Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Rain and the Kindness of the Camp Host

Welcome to the Rain Forest!

It rained throughout the night. Fortunately (or unfortunately for my kidneys), I didn't have to get up to pee! At 6:00, the rain stopped long enough for me to make a quick run to the restroom. As I returned to my tent it started raining again. About an hour later it stopped and I took the opportunity to get out and fix breakfast. Of course, it started raining again, but I was prepared in my rain pants and trail jacket. After breakfast, Carol retreated to the restroom down the way (not the one closest to us that doesn't have a hand dryer) to attempt to dry some stuff. I went to the closest restroom and washed my breakfast dishes.

Everything was put away so I went to stand under cover at the campground map sign. After awhile Carol joined me (Christian was in his tent), then we went to sit under cover at the restroom building. I took some pictures of the raindrops making bubbles in the puddles.

After awhile it was back to the tent. I had accumulated a bit of a lake at one end of my tent so I took a stick and dug a little channel to drain the water away. It's working okay in that the lake is not getting any bigger. Then I returned to my tent as my trail jacket had exceeded its water resistance and my down jacket underneath was getting wet.

I spent some time organizing wet things and strung a line from a couple of the tabs so I could dry my down jacket.

I did a word search puzzle I'd picked up at the lodge last night and read my Kindle.

As I was about to fall asleep, the Camp Host came by and said he was going to be doing some weed-whacking nearby and we could come sit in his warm truck. I'm the only one taking him up on the offer. I'm doing a good job of fogging up the windows, but I'm nice and warm.

Update: The host came back as the weed-whacker wasn't working. Now I'm back in my tent. If we can get a long enough stretch of no rain, we are going to go over to the lodge for wifi and maybe lunch.

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