Wednesday, July 11, 2012

And Then There Were Two

Back on the road this morning with only Christian. Carol had to work so couldn't complete the "C" Musketeers.

It was "the path frequently travelled" for me, but all new for Christian. Especially new for him was riding on I-5! Many people are surprised that it is legal to ride on the freeway (in certain places it is NOT legal).

After our stint on I-5, we worked our way to Steilacoom where we rode along the water and up Chambers Creek Canyon. We opted to take the roller coaster that is Grandview Dr. to 27th. Then up to Jackson/Bridgeport Way.

One of the things Christian wanted to do was ride across the Narrows Bridge. We did that, stopping to take photos at mid-span. Once we got across, we just turned around and rode back.

Once we were back on the Tacoma side, I realized we would not make the 11:45 ferry (we didn't really think we would anyway). That meant we would have to wait until 1:40 (they take a lunch break). So we rode to Subway on Pearl and had a leisurely lunch (Subway #5).

From Subway it was all downhill to the ferry terminal at Point Defiance. Even though we didn't rush lunch, we still had awhile to wait at the terminal. Even the ticket window was closed for lunch.

Once the window opened (late because they were having computer problems), we paid our $5, and, a short time later, boarded the ferry. Christian and I made a complete tour of the ferry on all levels. Even though the weather had been overcast (in fact, I thought I might have pushed my Weather Karma too far because I didn't bring any rain gear), the clouds broke up and the sun came out. We stayed out on the deck of the ferry for the entire ride.

Once on Vashon, Christian got to experience many of the hills that Vashon Island has to offer. I took him the way Carol and I have gone. It's still alot of climbing. We came into "downtown" and we're stopped by a cyclist we had been playing leapfrog with. Gene was from Bellevue and this was his first time on Vashon. He asked us about our tour and how we got to Vashon from Olympia. When I told him, he said to Christian, "It's a good thing you have her with you!". He also took a photo of us. Christian took one of him.

Other than visiting with Gene, we didn't stop in the town for anything. We continued on to the hostel/campground.

This time when we got there, the guy came right away to collect our money. When Carol and I were there before, the gal charged us $13 each. This time the guy charged us $12. The very first time Carol and I just stopped to check out the place, the gal told us it was $15 per person. At this rate, it will eventually be free!

Christian went to put his food in the fridge in the barn at the hostel. At that point he realized he had left his refrigerated food at my house. We decided to ride back to town to Thriftway so he could get more cheese and meat. I got some yogurt for my breakfast. We fixed dinner in the kitchen and ate outside at the picnic table since it was so nice.

Later on we played cards (Christian has gotten much faster at Speed). After several hands, we called it a night. It's our last night together.

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