Saturday, July 7, 2012

Carol Lost and Found

The second half of today from Raymond to Rainbow Falls was a bit more adventurous than the first half.

After lunch we got on the Willapa Hills trail out of Raymond that parallels Hwy 6. It is the old railway that they are slowly developing into a rail trail. For a short distance out of Raymond the trail is paved. Then it becomes crushed gravel that is still rideable. Then it becomes something only a mountain bike would be able to navigate. At that point we popped out to Hwy 6. We rode 6 all the way to Pe Ell. There is one really good climb along the way.

In Pe Ell, the trail is developed again, but is still gravel. The three of us started on the trail, but when we got to the next street crossing (which we thought was Hwy 6), Carol decided to ride the road instead. Christian and I continued on the trail. I told her we would see her at the park as the trail was supposedly developed all the way to Rainbow Falls.

After maybe 1/2 mile, we crossed another street, but the trail became too difficult to ride. We turned around and went out to Hwy 6. Once on 6 again, I asked Christian if he thought Carol was in front of us or behind us. He thought she was in front. After a few more miles where we didn't see her, we thought she was probably behind us.

We got to the turn off 6 at Chandler Rd. Carol wasn't there (not that we thought she would be at this point). We followed the signs to the park (actually, I knew how to get there). We pulled in at 5:30. As we suspected, there was no Carol. We chose one of the Hiker/Biker sites and I went to pay. Then we sat where we could see her come in. We Carol. After about 45 minutes, I thought maybe she was waiting at the turn onto Chandler Rd. I went on Betsy back to Hwy 6 and Chandler Rd. No Carol. I came back to the park. By now it had been over an hour since we had arrived. I checked my phone, but I didn't have any service. We set up our tents and as Christian went to go shower, Carol pulled up in a car. She saw Christian (she was very glad to see him). They unloaded all her stuff out of Gladys' car (the bike was folded up in the back seat).

Turns out, when Carol turned off the trail onto the road, she was not on Hwy 6. She was on Pe Ell-McDonald Rd. after she had gone several miles she saw Gladys pulling out her lawn mower. Carol asked how far it was to Hwy 6. By this time she knew she wasn't on Hwy 6. It was only a few miles to 6, but then it was still 13 miles to the park from there. Gladys asked if Carol would like a ride. Carol gladly accepted.

So, we all ended up with extra unplanned adventures today. Christian and I on a gravel trail and Carol on a cross-country jaunt along the wrong road. But, it all turned out okay.

Notice my face in the photo of me on the gravel trail. It was a little dicey!

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