Friday, July 6, 2012

Fireworks, a Full Moon, and Bad Karaoke

Happy 4th of July! There are fireworks going off all around us. One pyro is pretty close to us so I'm sitting out at the picnic table to make sure nothing comes sailing our way. We have a front row seat to some pretty major fireworks being set off on the beach. There are about 4 competing displays. We are surrounded. To add to the cacophony, there is a party nearby where they are doing really loud and extremely bad karaoke!

We are not where we planned to be. We were supposed to be at Twin Harbors State Park tonight. Instead, we are in Ocean City at Screamin' Eagle Campground.

We left Lake Quinault this morning to the promise of blue skies and sunshine. We were not disappointed. The riding was easy and we made good time. We were planning on catching the 4:00 ferry to Westport from Ocean Shores.

We stopped at the Green Lantern Pub in Copalis Beach for lunch. It was the only place to eat and the food was pretty good. From there we only had about 12 miles or so to Ocean Shores, then another 6 miles to the ferry. We enjoyed a tailwind most of the way from Copalis.

We arrived at the place where we were supposed to purchase the ferry tickets (according to the website). The first thing we noticed was a sign that said "No Ferry Service". We went around to the office and asked about the ferry. We were told there hadn't been a ferry for 8 years! WHAT??? There is a website that lists the schedule, days of operation, and fees! Well, there was nothing to do but head back and go around the harbor tomorrow. But, not without Carol asking everyone at the marina if there was someone who would take us across in their boat first (no luck).

We pedaled the 6 miles back into Ocean Shores, stopped at the grocery store, then proceeded to Ocean City State Park (which we had passed coming to Ocean Shores). We pulled up to the park office and when we requested the hiker/biker site, we were told they had nothing. The park was full. They didn't seem to be too concerned that we were on bikes. They didn't even suggest any place else until Carol asked. What has happened to never turn a cyclist away? Anyway, we went another 2 miles back in the direction we had come, to this campground. At least this place has free hot showers! We each paid just under $10.

Since we are just a block from the beach, it was quite windy earlier. Good for drying tents and laundry--difficult to cook in. I took my stove over to the restroom building and cooked our dinner. Got some funny looks from people coming to and from the restroom but, ya gotta do what ya gotta do!

After dinner we walked down to the beach to watch the sunset. It was a beautiful one!

At this point, most of the big booming fireworks have died down. Now, if only the karaoke party would end...oh no, now someone is botching a rendition of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody!

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