Sunday, June 20, 2010

All Day Swish Swish

Okay, when I said it could rain anytime after the first day, I didn't mean literally! It started raining last night and continued for most of today's ride. At first it seemed as if my campsite was something out of the Hundred Acre Woods ala Winnie the Pooh's little black rain cloud becaused when I walked away from my campsite it didn't seem to be raining. Perhaps I should have chosen a site with more tree cover. Anyway, it managed to not rain while cooking and eating my dinner. After dinner, I went up to the restroom to do my dishes (Bruceport even had hot running water in the sinks!) When I was walking back a couple in an RV asked if I was the cyclist that had come in and where I was going. I went and talked to them for awhile. They were just about to celebrate their 51st wedding anniversary! I gave them one of my cards with my blog address. So, Joe and Karen, if you're reading this, it was nice to meet you and I hope you had a Happy Anniversary!
It was raining when I woke up this morning, but stopped long enough for me to fix my breakfast. Then as I came out of the restroom, it was raining again. I continued to pack stuff up because I wanted to get across the Astoria Megler Bridge by noon. By the time I got to taking the tent down, it miraculously stopped raining! I beat feet and quickly got the tent packed away. It was just in time too, because it started raining again! Everything was packed by 8:00 and I was on the road (or should I say, on the river). Going down the first big hill, I swear I could have pulled a waterskier! Of course going up was like swimming up stream (how do the salmon do it??). Today's route was mostly all rollers; up and down all the way to the bridge. At times I thought it had stopped raining, but no, just a little less.
I did see some of Mother Nature's Cleaning Crew in the form of four buzzards (at least I think that's waht they were--big black birds with red heads). They were cleaning up a dead deer on the side of the road. I tried to get a picture (they were sitting in a tree), but they flew away when a car went by.
I made it to the bridge at 11:53. Right on schedule! I took Hwy 4 and 401 instead of the longer 101 route (did that one last year). This year's bridge crossing was vastly different from last year. There was alot more traffic and a crosswind. Still, on the flat part, I was doing 16-17mph! And, it had stopped raining (for awhile anyway). The swish swish is the sound my rain pants make while I'm riding.
So, now I am at Fort Stevens State Park. So far there are no other cyclists here, but I did see alot of riders coming through Warrenton. I'm wondering if there was an organized ride today? Oh, and Oregon State Parks raised the Hiker/Biker fee to $6 (a 50% increase!).

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