Friday, June 25, 2010

My First CouchSurfing!

Wow! Where to start! First, yesterday at Honeyman. After I set up and showered, I went to the dunes. I trudged my way to the top (one step forward, a half step back). From the top I thought I could go back a different way. I went down the other side of the dune and headed toward the direction of the campground thinking there would surely be a trail. Not so much. I ended up sort of working my way along the edge of the dune and trees until I could go nowhere but up. So back up the dune I climbed and ended up back where I started. So much for the different way back.
When I got back to my camp I fixed myself pancakes for dinner (don't ask why when I still had a few dinners left). As I was fixing dinner Ryan and John arrived. Not long after, Carling and Christian also arrived. Ahhh, the whole gang together for another night! We stayed up late-ish talking. In the morning, Christian was on the road first as usual (he is an early riser). I left around 9:00. The ride today was mostly wooded although I followed the Dunes (getting glimpses now and then). I stopped at the Sourdough Bakery in Winchester Bay. I wanted some bread, but they only had loaves that were too big for me to carry. I aske if they sold half loaves but the gal said no. Then she went in the back and brought me out two big slices, wrapped them up and gave them to me. I thought that was pretty nice!
I went around the bay and up to the Umpqua Lighthouse where I had a slice of the bread with PB and Honey. From there I rode back to 101. Not too far (about 6 1/2 miles) from North Bend I caught up to Ryan and John as Ryan was changing yet another tube with a broken valve stem. He decided the problem was the pump and would get a new one at the next bike shop. They were going onto Bullard's Beach so I probably won't see them again. We did ride together to the McCullough Bridge where they pulled off and I continued across. The sidewalk was closed (I wouldn't have walked anyway), but I still got yelled at to get on the sidewalk. Stupid people! I was riding as fast as I could. When I got to the other side, my legs were shaking. It required a few handfuls of Jelly Bellys to settle them down!
As I was headed to Tony's to Couch Surf, I just stayed on 101 to Coos Bay. I stopped at Safeway and bought too much food. Had to hang a bag off the back.
I got to Tony's place about 4:00. What a great place and a great guy! I immediately felt at home what with the two parakeets and two dogs. Tony also has a violin hanging on the wall. The best part is that I am staying in his daughter's room and her name is Stella!!! I wish she was here so I could introduce her to my Stella. There are also 4 cute little kittens. One reminds me of the cat I had for 19 years. Looks just like Lexie when she was a kitten. Tony was going to leave, but we got to talking and he decided to go early in the morning instead. I fixed myself some dinner, got all my laundry done and generally had a relaxing evening talking with Tony. I hope all my Couch Surfing experianced are as great as this one! Everything is ready to load up tomorrow. Tony will be leaving very early. There are two other surfers here too, Sadie and Jeff from North Carolina. I'll probably leave before them tomorrow. It's on to Humbug Mountain. The post for tomorrow will be done the next day as I know I will not have service.

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