Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Insights to Life on the Road: Housekeeping

When one is spending a lengthy time travelling without the benefit of a large suitcase or hotel, laundry becomes an issue. My plan was to stop in Tillamook today and do laundry (day 5 on the road--I carry 4 changes of clothing). Having washed my first day's clothes at the Anderson's, it was time to wash again. Last night I got this idea to wash my bike clothes in the bathroom sink at the park (I carry those travel size sink packets of Tide). Then I could hang them up overnight (knowing full well they would not be dry by morning--this is the ocean climate). Then I thought I would stop in Tillamook as planned, but only have to dry them. As I left the park and pulled out onto 101, I remembered, from last year, that there was a laundromat just before the town of Nehalem. Sure enough, there it was. I decided instead of carrying all the wet stuff all the way to Tillamook, I could stop there and be done with it. That worked perfectly! While my clothes were drying (28 minutes for a buck), I took the opportunity to raise my seat up abit. My thighs had been feeling the climbing more than they should. With the new saddle, I thought maybe it was sitting a little lower. That was much better.
So, an hour after I left Nehalem Bay, I was back on the road. Went through several small towns on my way to Tillamook. It was a fairly easy ride without too many big hills between Nehalem and Tillamook. Got to the cheese factory at 12:15. Yum, ice cream for lunch! I also sampled the cheese so it wasn't JUST ice cream. Today's flavors were Caramel Toffee Crunch and German Chocolate Cake. It was a good combo. They make BIG cones at the factory so I was pretty full afterward. Next stop was Safeway to pick up a few groceries. I turned a block too early and had to backtrack when I realized I had gone past the store. No big deal (people may have looked at me a little funny). Picked up some more lunch type items and a couple of bananas. My hot cocoa supply was running low, so got more of that too.
I had decided when I was planning this trip to not do Cape Meares again. Once was enough up that steep cape. Instead I took the Netarts Hwy. Although it wasn't as bad as Cape Meares, it was a decent climb itself with a nice downhill on the other side. Made it to Cape Lookout State Park at 2:40. Craig was checking in just as I arrived (just like yesterday). I had actually passed him before Tillamook, but I don't know if he stopped like I did. Should be some more of the same people coming in tonight. I also passed an older couple each pulling BOB trailers. I'm guessing they'll be here tonight too. Gonna be hoppin' in the Hiker/Biker area tonight!

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Swannee said...

Hi Colleen! Love reading about your adventures. You are amazing. (I think I'm finally about to embark on an adventure of my own...finally feeling "different" today. Might not make it to school for the last day--yay!)