Saturday, June 19, 2010

Change of Plans

Day 2 is complete, but not where I had originally planned. Instead of Bay Center KOA, I am at Bruceport County Park. The only reason I'm staying here over the KOA is cost. It only costs $10 here. The KOA would have been around $30 (they raised their rates because the Ilwaco KOA is closed this season). I will probably have just 4 more miles to go tomorrow than I would have had. No big deal for a big savings.
Today's ride was really nothing special. Not much for scenery, plus it has rained off and on. I took my rain pants off every chance I got. I stopped in Raymond at the DQ and had ice cream (of course). I also did the blog for yesterday. Now I am going to get my tent set up, take a shower (.25 for three mins.-- still cheaper than free showers at the KOA) and finally eat some of this food I brought!

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John Saunders said...

Trudy sends her best wishes. Sounds like Sophie is coming home in July. We are so impressed that you are doing this!!! We are avidly following your adventures. John and Kathryn