Wednesday, June 30, 2010

ELK!!! And Warmshowers!

Well, I finally saw the elk this morning! They were in the field next to the campsite. Don't worry, not too close. It's a big field (one might even call it a prairie--oh, wait, that's what they do call it). There were big bulls with huge racks. Several cows and even a couple of calves. I almost rode off the road because I wa looking at the elk and didn't realize the wide shoulder was ending. I saw it just in time to swerve onto the narrow shoulder on the road. Later I saw one more elk walking through a private campground place. As I passed this place called Stone Lagoon, I saw there was a large group of elk cows in the RV part. I pulled into the place and took pictures. Then I went to the gift shop because I had seen a sign saying they had blackberry pie. I had me a slice of pie! A couple came in and asked me all about my trip. Later they honked and waved as they went by me.
Awhile down the road I stopped to put sunscreen on and switch to my sunglasse lens. Jess caught up to me. We rode together all the way to Arcata. We went along Patrick's Point through Trinidad (a hoppin' place for such a small town--pop. 311). We stopped at ate at a small wayside. There was an interest gal there. We weren't sure if she had some problem or if she was on something. Her body was doing all these contortions while she was talking to us. I walked out to the bluff. Jess had the presence of mind to stay where she could see the bikes. We continued on doing patches of gravel road as well as a section of fresh oil and gravel. The road was pretty bumpy, so we had to keep our eyes on the road. We got on the Hammond Trail (a cool bike path that Abe and Rose had told us about). After the trail ended, it seemed to take forever to come into Arcata. We finally made it. Jess and I parted ways there. She went to the co-op and I went to Safeway. Coolest thing happened while I was locking Stella at Safeway. A gal came up and asked me the usual questions. When I told her I was hoping to stay with a warmshowers person in Eureka, but I hadn't actually talked to her, the gal whipped out a card and said if it didn't work out to call her and I could stay with her! How amazing is that! People are so nice! When I checked my phone though, there was a message from Barb saying I could still stay with her. I did my restocking and headed for Eureka. I stopped at Target and talked to another gal on a bike. I asked her how I should get to 6th Ave. She gave me directions and I took off. As I pulled up to an intersection on 6th, this lady leans out a window and asks if I am Colleen. Turns out it was Barb, my Warmshowers host! We talked for a moment and she gave me directions to her place (she was at work). I rode on and she got home shortly after I got there. I did my laundry and Barb fixed a great dinner complete with Humboldt Creamery ice cream for dessert. We talked non-stop until bedtime. What a great person. I have been so lucky to me such wonderful people. Barb and I will keep in touch. Maybe we can tour together at some point! What a fabulous day!

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Tony said...

Hi Colleen, I will be passing you tomorrow as you go through the Redwoods southern end, I will look for ya! I will be in Santa Cruz from Sunday to Thursday, give a call if you need anything, Tony