Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pretty Big Trees--No Elk!

Heading into California and the Redwoods today! I left Harris Beach at about 7:50. As I rode through Brookings, I noticed a bakery sign. I slowed down, but then saw that it wasn't a bakery. It was a pet store! The sign in the window said, "This is NOT a bakery!" No kidding!
I got to the border and took the required photos. Woo Hoo! I'm in California now! Atthe agricultural stop the guy didn't even ask me if I had any produce. He just asked where I was from. Then he told me he had lived in Shelton. Then he said, "Have a nice trip!"
I followed the ACA mapwhich took me off 101 right away and over several rolling hills. I could see 101 most of the time. It was flat. Perhaps I would stay on 101 if I were to do this again...
So far the route has been well marked with signs for the Pacific Coast Bike Route. I will probably do a combination as long as the signs remain. The route was inland pretty much until Pebble Beach Dr. coming into Crescent City. I pulled off to take pictures of the coastline and could here the seals (or sealions) barking out on the rocks. After Crescent City I started the first really long climb into the Del Norte Coast Redwoods State Park. Although it had been sunny on the coast, it was still foggy up in the redwoods. It was also rather chilly. That was not a bad thing since I was Super Grannying it up the hill. I stopped at a viewpoint and was going to eat something, but a guy was weedeating so I continued on up...and up...and up somemore. I thought I had finally reached the top and was ready for a good downhill. Well, the downhill was short and then it was back to climbing. Finally, after seemingly endless climbing (I finally just pulled over and ate a bagel on the side of the road), I got to the top. From there I had a very nice 6 ad 7% grade downhill for about 4 miles! Then it was back to views of the coastline. At the bottom, I stopped at Lagoon Creek and ate the rest of my Raspberry Newtons with peanutbutter on them. A family pulled in and the dad was talking to me. It was his little boy's 6th birthday. I gave him a cookie.
After Laggon Creek was the "Trees of Mystery" tourist trap. I took a picture of Stella in front of Paul Bunyan and Blue then continued down the road.
I thought I would get groceries in Klamath. There isn't anything in Klamath. Outside of Klamath was another big climb. Then the turn-off to Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park and Elk Prairie Campground; my destination for the day. From the top (after 900 feet of climbing) it was downhill all the way to Elk Prairie. I caught up to Alice and Andy (people I've camped with a couple of nights). Both Andy and I wanted to take a picture of this ironic sign that said "Big Tree". We wondered which one they were talking about as they are all big trees! At the entrance to the campground, Andy and I exchanged cards and took pictures of each other. They were goig on to Patrick's Point. I may not see them again.
So at Elk Prairie, as you might guess, there are supposed to be alot of elk. I didn't see any. Bummer! The same "family" of people have pulled in that were at Harris Beach--Joan and Werner, Jess, Abe and Rose and Rose's brother Abe and his girlfriend. Had a greatchat with Joan and Werner. Fascinating people! I hope I see them again.
This was an intense day of climbs, but still a good day.

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Tim said...

I'm glad you got to stay in the Red Woods. Ray and I camped there a few years ago, different camp groud though. I expected to see some Ewoks running around, but was saddly dissapointed.