Thursday, June 24, 2010

Perfect Day 7

I got my earliest start since the first day. Left Beverly Beach at 7:50. The weather looked like it was going to be an okay day. No need for raingear. Sun started shining as I came around to the Yaquina Bay Bridge at Newport. Took some photos and then headed across the bridge. Stopped at a drive thru bakery/coffee place and had a bearclaw and hot chocolate. Then I stopped in at the Seal Rock State Park and took some pictures on the tripod. Then it was on through Waldport and Yachats. As I was cruising along toward Cape Perpetua, I met a couple on a tandem. Hank and Carolyn are doing the OR Coast. They are from San Diego. I was riding faster, but they would catch up everytime I pulled off. Cape Perpetua was a good climb, but the wind was blowing me up the hill so it wasn't too bad. I stopped at the Spouting Horn and Cooks Chasm as well as the Devil's Churn. The wind was blowing so hard I was climbing on the big ring in the front. I felt really sorry for the couple of guys I saw going the other direction. Just before Heceta Head I pulled off at a wayside and had a bite to eat. As I was pulling back onto the road, Hank and Carolyn pulled up. They wanted to have some lunch, but also wanted a restroom. Waysides typically do not have restrooms. So they continued on. The wind continued to blow me along (I'm telling ya, it was blowing so hard, it kept flipping my map case!). I opted not to go down to the Heceta Lighthouse Beach as the fog was rolling in. I went through the tunnel and rode up to just before the Sealion Caves. As it was last year, I could look down and see the sealions down on the rocks. There was a couple in a car that had passed me while I was in the tunnel (Volvos make alot of noise in tunnels). The gal was trying to take a picture of the lighthouse which was completely obscurred by the fog. The guy took a picture of me (apparently I was not obscurred by fog). He commented on how narrow the shoulder is and I told him it is the worst place on the whole coast (at least Oregon). After I got past the Sealion Caves, the shoulder got wider and the sun was shining again. Coming down Heceta Head was fun. With the wind I was flying!
I've made it to Florence and am having Slumgullion at Mo's. Not too far now to Honeyman. I'll get there in time to go out on the dunes.

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