Thursday, June 14, 2012

3 Days, 3 Rides, 3 Different Bikes...

Or...Spreading the Love!

Betsy, Stella, and Star. Those are my three bikes. I'd like to say I ride them all equally, but that's not really true...except for the past three days.

On Tuesday, I hopped on Betsy to ride with Daniel out of Olympia (see previous post). I was just going to ride with him to Hwy 8, but decided to give Betsy a good long ride. I rode as far as McCleary with Daniel, then sent him on his way. I looped back home via Hwy 108 and 101 for a total of 57 miles. It's been awhile since I've done that many miles on Betsy. My legs were feeling it a bit that evening (fine the next day).

Wednesday, the weather was looking suitable. I arranged to meet Leandra (my NZ cycling pal) for a post-work (for her) evening ride on the trail to Tenino and back. We met at 6:00, rode to Tenino, had dinner at Subway, and rode back. I rode Stella as she is the only one with a headlight (she is my official "night bike"). By the time we returned to our meeting place, darkness was descending quickly. Total miles: just under 40.

Today, Thursday, Lorraine and I met at The Valley for a 50 miler down south. It was Star's turn to go. It's always nice when I switch bikes from Stella to either of the other two. Stella is the heavyweight of the group (but also the best workhorse). However, today's average (due to more hills and wind, I'm sure) was the same as last night's.

So, all three girls got some miles in this week! Star will probably get to go out again on Saturday. Betsy will be the bike of choice on Monday/Tuesday as Carol and I are doing an overnight to Vashon Island. Then, come June 24th, it'll be all Betsy, all the time, for two weeks around the Olympic Peninsula. It's gonna be great!

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Marsha said...

Nice little stable you've got there, Colleen...