Friday, June 15, 2012

A Bike-Athlon

Yesterday's post was about three days of rides on three different bikes. Today it was three rides on three different bikes in ONE day! It's like a triathlon, only all bike (frankly, that's my kind of triathlon!)...a...Bike-Athlon!

I didn't plan to do a bike-athlon today, it just worked out that way. This morning I hooked up Mr. Ives to Stella and rode to the grocery store. When I was in the store with my usual full shopping cart, two people asked me if I was going to be able to carry all that on my bike. Usually, no one bats an eye--no matter how full the cart is.

After I got home, I was finishing lunch when my friend, Amy, texted me that she was going for a short ride. I quickly changed into my Super Biker Woman costume (okay, not really a costume, just shorts and a jersey--sounds more exciting that way though...), grabbed Star and met Amy on the trail. We did a short 26 miles down the trail and back. Nice average speed of 15.9 (amazing, actually, considering there were tons of people on the trail taking advantage of the brief sunshine).

When I returned to the house, I remembered I had wanted to call the clinic to see if my new bike glasses were in. Hooray! They were in! So, I changed out of my Super Biker Woman costume and into my mild-mannered bike-commuter clothing, and hopped on Betsy (Stella was still hooked up to Mr. Ives, and these new bike glasses come in a monstrosity of a case that I wouldn't be able to carry on Star).

I rode over to Group Health and picked up my new glasses. I finally broke down and got bifocals in the prescription adapter. It will be so nice to be able to read my map! That ride was a roundtrip of about 12 miles.

Total I rode 40 miles today. I'd say that's a decent bike-athlon!


Tiffany Wallace said...

Wow!! I definitely think you need a super woman bike cape! Your ride posts stun me. I was patting myself on the back for my crummy 20 miles this morning. :)

Colleen said...

First of all, 20 miles is very respectable--nothing crummy about it! There are many who wouldn't do 5 miles. You are doing great!
As for the cape, two friends and I did a ride called The Worst Day of the Year Ride a few years back. They gave out cool reflective stickers if you arrived in costume. We went as Super Biker Woman (me, of course), Super Biker Girl (my friend who is considerably younger), and Super Biker Noob (a friend who was new to cycling). We were in full Super Hero costumes complete with gold lamé capes, glitter glasses, jewelled head pieces taped to our helmets, and bullet proof sequined bracelets. Our trusty steeds were decorated as well with shiny garlands and these shiny stick things sticking out the back to look like silver flames. We were awesome Super Heros! As we pulled up to the start line, the announcer said, "Okay, Princesses, stop at the line". We hollered to her, "We're not Princesses! We're Super Heros!". She apologized profusely. We ended up being the first photo in the photo gallery on the website for the ride! I still have the cape.

Marsha said...

Loved the post. The idea of a bike-athlon just could catch on!!

Tiffany Wallace said...

Haha that's hilarious! :)