Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Found Money and Subway Number 1

On the road again! Carol and I departed this morning at the oh-not-so-early time of 9:45. We really didn't have to get going any earlier because we weren't going all that far. In fact, we probably could have left after lunch and still arrived in plenty of time!

It lightly rained until we were out of Olympia. It wasn't enough to bother putting rain gear on. As we pulled on to Hwy 101 at Steamboat Island, there were even small patches of blue sky! I removed my sleeves from my jacket and switched to my sunglasses lenses.

As we pedaled along Hwy 101, Carol stopped for something (I can't remember what it was). As I pulled up, I happened to look down and there on the ground was a cute little pink coin purse. I picked it up noticing one side had Tweety Bird and the other had a couple of stickers. Clearly, this was the purse of a young girl. What it was doing on the side of the highway is anyone's guess. I opened it up and inside there was $9.28! I had a brief moment of sadness for the little girl who lost it, then stuck it in my handlebar bag and thought, "Woo Hoo! Free lunch for me today at Subway!".

We continued on and exited off 101 for lunch at the Shelton Subway. I don't know if I have mentioned this before, but I have found, in Carol, someone who likes Subway as much as me! So, I am going to keep track of all the Subways we eat at on this trip. Today was number 1.

Our next stop after lunch was at the Lucky Dog Casino. Carol got a players' card and a free $5.00 ticket. I got one last year so I couldn't take advantage of the new card/$5.00 deal. We played the penny machine (I put in $5) until our 5 dollars were gone, then we left. It was too smoky in there anyway.

Potlatch State Park, our intended destination, was just a mile or so down the road. When we got to the park we took photos at the park sign, then rode to the Hiker/Biker site. Julie and I stayed in this very same site last year before I left for Sierra Cascades.

We payed for our site, then set up camp. I went first to the one and only shower. It takes quarters. I had quarters, but, lucky me, found a quarter someone had left sitting up on the top of the wall. More found money!

Earlier as we were walking down to pay, we met a couple who are doing the Washington Parks Loop that Kyle and I did. They are from Vashon and this is their second or third day on the road. Very nice couple. They camped down by the water.

Carol and I did a redo on the dinner we had fixed on our Millersylvania shakedown ride. Penne pasta with zucchini, carrots, shiitake mushrooms, and marinara sauce. We decided it was even better than before. As we were fixing dinner, a big fat pesky raccoon trundled into our campsite. I used to think raccoons were cute until one tore a whole in one of my panniers. I chased him off not once, but twice! We will be leaving no food out tonight!

One other thing, Carol's Bike Friday does not have a name. In fact, up until today she wasn't sure if it was male or female! As we were riding along today, Carol remarked that she is in love with her bike. I said, "Well, at least we know now it's male!"

Here's some photos:
The first is my new found coin purse.
Next is Potlatch State Park
Hood Canal
Subway number 1
Our departure this morning
"We're headed that way!"

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Marsha said...

Looking good! Found money is an auspicious beginning...