Wednesday, June 27, 2012

All for One and One for All!

The C Musketeers (Christian, Carol, and Colleen) are together at last!

Carol and I got up earlier than we have so far so we could make it to the ferry dock in Port Townsend to meet Christian's ferry at 9:15. It was a little over 5 miles from the park to the ferry dock.

We rode to the ferry via the Larry Scott Memorial Trail. It was paved for a short bit, then crushed limestone. It was dry enough to be okay riding.

As we pulled up to the ferry terminal, there was a doe and two fawns walking along the water on the beach. It must be a good year for twins because every doe I've seen this year has had two fawns. After we parked the bikes, I took a couple of photos. Then, the doe and fawns came up to the road and proceeded to walk to town!

Christian came in on the ferry. It was hugs all around, then we headed back to the trail so we could ride to Hwy 20 and head toward Sequim.

We had a few good ups and some pretty decent downs. Awhile after we got on to Hwy 101, we stopped at a a nice little garden and espresso stand. I had a lavender lemonade. We had a snack and Christian gave me the walnut cake he made. It is very tasty! The garden was sweet with a little Koi pond. It was a nice rest break.

A short way further down the road we picked up the Discovery Trail. This trail goes for several miles through Sequim and Port Angeles. On the trail there is the Johnson Creek Bridge. It's the largest trestle on the Olympic Peninsula. The trail has some steep places, especially where we rode through a park.

We rode the trail to Sequim where we are staying tonight with Carol's friends Sue and Lee. Prior to getting to their house we stopped at Subway #2 in Sequim.

Lee and Sue have a beautiful home on the water looking across to Dungeness Spit. There are herons, terns, seals, and a number of ships (including what appears to be an oil platform being towed, perhaps, to Alaska). We sat out on the beach for awhile enjoying the sun. Oh, I forgot to mention, it was sunny today! No rain like yesterday! I even put sunscreen on!

Our wonderful hosts fixed us a delicious dinner of pork loin, bread, potatoes, salad, broccoli, and a fresh strawberry shortcake for dessert!

Laundry has been done, we've gone for a walk on the beach, and now it's about time to retire. I have my own room with a comfy bed and a window looking over the water. HEAVEN!!!

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