Friday, June 22, 2012

One Day to Go

The panniers are once again packed and almost ready to go. On Sunday my friend, Carol and I will leave my house for two weeks around the Olympic Peninsula. We will meet Christian at the ferry dock in Port Townsend on Wednesday.

As usual, I'm starting out with too much food (except for New Zealand where we couldn't take any food with us). The food situation will settle down after the first couple of days.

I had originally planned for us to go up the Kitsap Peninsula to Port Townsend. Instead, we will follow Hwy 101 along Hood Canal. Our first night will be at Potlatch State Park.

I'm fully expecting rain and lots of it. After all, it is the rain forest! If we get a number of sunny days, I will be pleasantly surprised.

As is also usual, I will be blogging daily, but I will probably only be able to send the posts every few days when I can connect to wifi.

Stay tuned...

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