Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Rainy Day Food Fest

It seems all we did today was ride awhile, eat alot, ride awhile, eat alot.

When we got up this morning, it wasn't raining, but it looked pretty ominous. I made sure my rain gear was on the top in the pannier. That was a good plan! We weren't but a mile down the road when it started misting. You know the kind of rain that slowly but surely soaks you to the bone. Right away we pulled over at a gas station, under cover, and put on full rain gear-even the waterproof gloves. As we pulled back out onto the road, it started raining more. HA! Go ahead and rain! We are prepared! That superior feeling didn't last too long as it rained more AND we were climbing Mt. Walker.

We reached the top of Mt. Walker and started the descent. It wasn't really too bad, just a wee bit on the chilly side. We were meeting Carol's friend Brian in Quilcene. He had planned to ride with us but said he wouldn't in the rain. Still we would meet up with him. When we met up with Brian, it was time for Carol's morning tea so we went to the cafe to visit. Even though it was 11:25, I decided to have second breakfast. I had hot chocolate, French toast, and hash browns. As we were sitting in the cafe, we saw Rita and Bob go by. Pretty soon we saw them come back. They had seen our bikes, so they came in to join us and have something hot to drink too.

After we finished, even though it was still raining, Brian decided to ride with us to Chimicum. Rita and Bob weren't quite finished so we said goodbye to them.

We rode up Center Rd (almost as much as Walker Mt.). Where Center turns into Chimicum Rd, Brian turned around and headed back home. We were now on a quest for pie at the cafe in Chimicum (just another 6 or so miles down the road).

As we were getting closer to Chimicum, I noticed the road wasn't very wet. It was still raining, but not as much. We kept looking, with hope, to the sky in the direction we were heading. It was definitely getting lighter!

We made the miles to Chimicum where we first stopped at a fruit and veggie stand for some zucchini and avocado for dinner. Then we rolled down and across the street to the cafe for pie! As we were getting ready to go into the restaurant, Rita and Bob pulled in too. By then it was about 3:00--time for lunch (and pie!).

I had a hot turkey sandwich (it was pretty good, but still didn't beat Berry Fields Cafe in Centralia). Then I had a piece of pecan pie. It was delicious! And, I was VERY full!

While we were gorging ourselves on sandwiches and PIE, 6 other cyclists came in (5 guys, one gal). They had come from Vancouver BC and were going to San Diego. I asked them if they had met a German guy. They did and had talked to Christian!

When we came out of the cafe, there were all the bikes loaded with panniers parked all over! The rain had officially stopped and I swapped jackets and took off my rain pants (finally!--I hate riding for a long time in them). The four of us took off for Port Townsend.

Carol and I said a final goodbye (unless they get to the ferry dock by 9:15 tomorrow when we meet Christian) to Rita and Bob at the turnoff for Old Fort Townsend State Park, our destination for the night. It's been great spending he last couple days with them! I definitely hope to see them again and perhaps even tour!

We were still so full from our late lunch, that we just had strawberries and pistachios for dinner (and Carol had a cuppa tea--of course!). We walked down to the beach and that was about it.

Two other cyclists have joined us. Also from BC headed to San Diego--Christopher and Tatianna.

Tomorrow is an early morning to make it to the ferry by 9:15 to meet Christian!!! Also, weather is supposed to be good. Fingers are crossed!

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Marsha said...

I like the way you guys travel. Lots of stops for pie!