Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Little Slipshod on the Business Side

Day 2 of our little bike-overnight to Vashon started with rain. Fortunately, we were able to just hang out in the kitchen having a leisurely breakfast until the rain stopped--which it did about 45 minutes later.

Yesterday, we couldn't find anyone to give money to for our camping. We thought we were going to get a free night's camping but, alas, it was not to be. As we were packing up, the lady finally came and asked us if we were registered. We told her no, there had not been anyone around. She said "Jake" was supposed to come collect from us the night before. So, we paid the lady our $13 each.

We finished packing up and got on the road. As we were starting up the hill from the hostel. A guy (we assume the aforementioned Jake) yelled, "Hey bikers! Did you pay?". Understand, we had already left the hostel property! I hollered back yes, but thought, that's an interesting way to run a business. Yes, ask the people if they paid AFTER they've already left! I'm guessing the lady didn't tell him she had collected money from us.

We returned to the ferry terminal to Point Defiance. By the time we got off the ferry, it was getting close to lunchtime. Carol took me to her second favorite Subway on Pearl St.

After lunch, instead of continuing on Pearl with no shoulder and lots of traffic, I took 26th over to Narrows Dr. Yesterday I had taken Narrows Dr. all the way to Point Defiance. I remembered seeing 26th when I was on Narrows yesterday. Both 26th and Narrows have bike lanes. Unfortunately, Narrows becomes Jackson at the on ramp to Hwy 16 (that goes across the Tacoma Narrows Bridge) and the bike lane disappears until Jackson becomes Bridgeport Way.

I also tried another road called Cirque Dr. I knew it came out on Grandview and it allowed me to avoid the roller coaster hill portion of Grandview. However, I would only go on Cirque toward Grandview. There is one long nasty hill that was awesome to go down, but would be beastly to go up.

I am pleased with how I'm now able to get around Tacoma (at least in the area from University Place to Point Defiance). Tacoma streets have always mystified me and I've been lost more than once while driving a car. One of the great things about biking is finding all the different ways to get someplace. It's fun to go out and purposely try to get lost and end up finding a better way to go.

The rest of the ride was nothing unusual. It rained a tiny bit, but then was reasonably sunny the rest of he way home. It was a beneficial shakedown overnight!

In the photos below, the first was an odd place for a bike (actually, there were two). In the second photo, the two Bike Fridays are hanging out in the teepee skeleton. The third is Carol's solution to covering her saddle (a decorative shower cap). The last shows two different modes of transportation (I'll stick with the two wheeled mode).

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Marsha said...

A shower cap! Brilliant idea, and one I am going to copy...