Sunday, June 23, 2013

A Great Way to Start a Tour!

Today's total mileage? 1.3 miles. That's how far it is from my house to the train station.

Day 1 of my Long Way to the Cabin Tour (form here on out...LWCT, for short) started with a train ride to Vancouver. The nice train man (not Mark, my usual nice train man) took my heavy duffle bag and tossed onto the train like it weighed nothing. He wouldn't even let me put it into the luggage rack. That was a good thing because I'm not sure I could have lifted it up!

After an uneventful hour and a half-ish, I arrived in Vancouver. Once again the nice train guy hefted the duffle off the train for me. I went back to the baggage car to retrieve Betsy. My dad was there with the van and I loaded everything up. 

The BBQ at my brothers' house wasn't until 3:00, so I had time to make a run to Safeway to get the food I needed for my LWCT. I got everything loaded and we went to Scott and Tim's at the appointed time.
    Brothers, Tim and Scott, and me

Slowly my cousins started arriving as well as Scott's fiancée, and finally her sister and two of her kids. Cousins, Jeannie, Abby, and Claire came from Hood River. I'll see Claire again when I get to Hood River on the LWCT. Erin, John, and James came from Vancouver (I haven't seen James since he last stayed with me at 2 1/2 years old. He is 19 now.). Vince and Sharon, and Lisa and Tag (I think they are all in the Portland area) came too. I don't think I've seen Lisa in 18 years--Vince, too. 
    Cousins, Jeannie, Vince, Erin, and Lisa

    James, Abby, and Claire

Lori, Scott's fiancée, is a sweetheart, and I look forward to her joining the family!

We had lots of great food and even more great laughs. What a wonderful way to start a tour!

Here are a couple of parting shots of the dogs:

     Bubba and Grace--my bed partners for the night

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