Saturday, June 29, 2013

Devil's Lake--Where All the Cyclists Are!

But first, the day's hike and bike.

I woke up earlier than I wanted to this morning, so I decided I would stop at the top of Cape Lookout and do the hike out to the Cape. It was foggy, but I hoped it would burn off. I said goodbye to Martha and Caroline (I wish they were going further south).

The road up Cape Lookout was very quiet. I think they have repaved parts of it because it was quite nice. As I got higher and higher, the fog did, indeed, burn off. I reached the top and locked Betsy to the only thing available--the trail sign. 

I "safeguarded my valuables" by taking my handlebar bag with me. 

The Cape Trail is 2 1/4 miles out. So, 4 1/2 roundtrip. I changed into my red shoes--not exactly hiking shoes, but good enough. 

The trail was mostly gravel to start with, but then there were areas of lots of mud. I carefully picked my way through the muddy places, trying not to get my shoes too dirty. I was mostly successful. 

The views going out were pretty awesome as the fog was still hovering down below. 

As I continued hiking, the fog was burning off down below and I got glimpses of the beach.

Pretty soon the fog had completely burned off. The views were spectacular!

I made it out to the end, took a couple photos, ate a snack, then headed back.
It had taken me about 1 1/4 hours to get out to the tip of the Cape. I figured I would be faster going back as I would not be taking so many photos. It still took me a little over an hour. It was noon by the time I got back to Betsy. I decided to just get going. I would eat something later. 

I came down the Cape and made my way to the third of the 3 Capes--Kiwanda. I stopped in Pacific City where the Dory Fleet launches off the beach. There was actually a boat going out, but I didn't see any coming in. 

Back on the road in the glorious blazing sun, I continued toward Lincoln City and Devil's Lake State Park. Out of Neskowin I turned onto Slab Creek Rd. It is the "highly recommended" route to Lincoln City. I've done it before and it is a great road. Even better now (in places). I managed to do the entire 5 mile climb without getting into super granny gear!

I arrived in Lincoln City and stopped at Safeway for a few groceries. It was just a short distance through town to the park. I've never stayed at Devil's Lake. It is another $6 H/B. The H/B site is up a steep path to a flat grassy area. There is water and a trash can (along with a few picnic tables). I was the only one here...for a short time. Before I went for my shower, three kids came in. After my shower another guy came, then two more, and two more, and two more. Yes, there are, besides myself, 10 other people here (5 women--counting me and 6 guys)! It's awesome! This is what I love about bike touring! We'll see if I see some of these people tomorrow night. 

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