Sunday, June 30, 2013

All the Brown Signs and Seeing "Old Friends"

Today dawned sunny without even any fog! I thought for sure it would be foggy. 

I was on the road by 8:20 even though I wasn't trying to hurry. I was only going about 34 miles to South Beach State Park in Newport. I said goodbye to all the kids. They would be going further than me. 

The first brown sign (viewpoint) was Boiler Bay. It wasn't really boiling due to the tide being out, but it was still pretty. 

I climbed under an opening in the fence (not supposed to, but some fisherman were already there) and took a photo on the rocks. 

After Boiler Bay I rolled into Depoe Bay. I went under the bridge to the other side. I heard a kind of barking noise, looked down and could see these guys.

Then as I was riding across the bridge I looked down just as this guy was pulling himself out of the water. 

Just after Depoe Bay is the turn for Otter Crest Loop (a one-way for cars and a bike lane).

It's a climb up to Cape Foulweather. Of course, it was anything but foul weather!
Coming down from Cape Foulweather, I went to shift up to the big ring and dropped the chain. It kind of got wedged between the crank arm and the big ring. I finally got it loose and back on the ring. I used a Monkey Wipe to clean my hands and continued down. I turned to follow the brown sign to Devil's Punchbowl. On my way down, a guy said, "Good on ya for coming down!". I guess not too many cyclists ride down the hill that they, then, have to come back up. It really wasn't that bad. 

The next brown sign was the Yaquina Head Lighthouse. It is billed as an Outstanding Natural Area and there is a fee to enter. Cool thing is that bikes can go in for free! I rode to the lighthouse and took this photo. 
Just off the coast of the lighthouse, there are some big rocks that were covered with Common Muir (I don't think that is the correct spelling) birds. There was also a big bird (eagle?) out on the rocks eating something. Lots of people were taking photos and waiting for it to fly.

On the way back to 101 I saw Dustin from Devil's Lake.

I came into Newport following the Oregon Coast Bike Route. I wanted to check out the Newport Bike shop. I've heard about this bike shop. They have showers and laundry upstairs AND wifi! When I arrived, 5 of the people that were at Devil's Lake were there. I used the wifi to post my blog. I also charged my iPad. 

The couple, Naomi and David, and I left together. We returned to the route and worked our way to the bridge.
After crossing the Yaquina Bay Bridge, I said goodbye to Naomi and David. I turned into South Beach State Park. 

After checking in, I made my way to the H/B site (this is also a $6/night H/B site). I could see some people already here. Turns out it was Mary and her son, JR, from Ft. Stevens! They have been traveling to the various state parks along the coast by bus. The coastal communities have a transit system that links them all together. They are from, of all places, Ontario, OR (my late aunt and uncle lived in Ontario for years)! Anyway, they are camping a couple of nights at each State Park (the ones with H/B sites). Tomorrow they will go north to Beverly Beach. 

We walked out to the beach. JR knew all the facts about South Beach and the Jetties. 

I spent an enjoyable evening watching them try to build a fire without any kindling. With a little help, they finally got it going. 

For a not very long mileage day, I feel like I did a lot of stuff! Tomorrow I'm on to another new park--Carl Washburn. I'm hoping to see some more cyclists. 

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