Monday, July 1, 2013

So, Who Was Carl G. Washburne?

No one seems to know...

Day 7, and another leisurely start. I figured I had about the same distance as yesterday--30+ miles. It was a little foggy this morning, but not cold. As I was packing up my stuff, some people were setting up for a wedding next to the Hiker/Biker site. I told Mary and JR they should invite themselves to the reception!

I stopped at Seal Rock (Secret Question seen on the viewing platform--Is there a rock that looks like a seal? Answer--No). I went to use the restroom and mistakenly went into the Men's. Probably wouldn't have even realized my mistake, except there were two guys in there. Oops!

Next town down the road was Waldport. Just as I came to the outskirts, I saw a market. I also saw that the market had free wifi. Sweet! I stopped in and posted yesterday's blog. The guy who owns the place was really nice. Told me if I needed the restroom, there was one down the hallway. He also warned me about Cape Perpetua. Didn't really need the warning, but I thought that was nice of him. 

As I rode through Waldport, I saw they now have a Subway! However, I didn't stop. 

Between Waldport and Yachats, I passed two other cyclists going north. They were both on folding bikes! I think one was a Tern, and I'm pretty sure the other was a Bike Friday. I said, "Hey!" They didn't stop, so I didn't either. Would have liked to talk to them (kind of hard when they are going the other direction on busy 101).

I rolled through Yachats and began the climb over Cape Perpetua. Actually, this is probably the second easiest Cape next to Cape Kiwanda. Coming down the other side I stopped at Devil's Churn. 
Talked to a gal there for a bit, then continued on to Spouting Horn and Cook's Chasm.
Not much spouting happening out the horn.

Cook's Chasm was...well...chasmy. 

I was getting hungry, so I pulled off at Neptune Beach to have some lunch. Due to the fantastic weather, there were lots of people at every Beach and Wayside along the coast. Lots of picnics.

It wasn't too much further to Carl G. Washburne State Park, my destination for the day. The park is located across 101 from the beach. The Hiker/Biker site is nice enough, especially since I am the first (and maybe only) person here--I was able to choose a flat tent site--there are not many. The shower/restrooms are close, and the showers are good and hot. I just have one question...Who was Carl G. Washburne? Perhaps I'll have to Google him when I have wifi.

After setting up my tent, I walked across 101 to the beach. I walked all the way south to the rocks at the base of Heceta Head (I'll ride to the lighthouse tomorrow). As I was walking down the beach, I heard a belching sound. I looked out in the waves and saw a sea lion "surfing" the waves then bobbing up and barking. It was as if he was calling for someone. I even got this photo!
He barked several times, then headed back out to sea. Maybe he was looking for the Sea Lion caves that are on the other side of Heceta Head???

So, after 7 days on, perhaps, the most popular bike tour route in the country, I have made an interesting observation. It seems that if one is not following the book (Bicycling the Pacific Coast), and is staying in other State Parks, one does not see as many cyclists. There was the group at Devil's Lake who are also not following the book, but at South Beach and here at Washburne, there are no other cyclists. That's a bummer, but I did want to try out some other parks...Tomorrow night I will be at Honeyman which IS on the BPC route.

Here are a couple of Tidepool photos from my stroll along the beach.

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DomDOConnor said...

Ah! Colleen, you are killing me with these photos! I am so longing to head back up the Pacific Northwest. I don't know if I can make it to February w/o one teensy weensy trip!