Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Lunch Above the Little Wenatchee

Today we did one more ride before I take off tomorrow. Way back at the top of McKenzie Pass where I met Lori from Leavenworth, she told me about this ride along the White River. We decided to check it out.

We headed down Beaver Valley Rd to 207. We took a right onto 207 and stayed on it when it became Wenatchee Lake Rd. We rode several miles along Wenatchee Lake, past Dirty Face Mountain.

We came to the turn off for White River Rd. Instead of making the turn, we continued on the lake road. By this time, we had reached the head of the lake and we could no longer see the water. The road kind of curved and went across a meadow/wetland area.

Not long after the meadow, we came to the end of Lake Wenatchee Rd. However, the road did continue on as FS 65. There was a gate that allowed passage of snowmobiles and, at this time of year, bikes, but no cars. The road was paved, but lots of downed trees lined the road. Clearly cut to allow passage.
The road was shady and really pretty good.

We rode about 4 miles of a gentle incline to a spot high above the Little Wenatchee River (we found out its name from a guy we saw later on).
The Little Wenatchee

When we were up above the river enjoying the scenery, we decided it was a good place for lunch. First we took some photos.
Mastiff Mountain

Annette and I on the precipice of death above the Little Wenatchee.

Lorraine had gone ahead a bit more. When she came back we parked our butts smack dab in the middle of the road and broke out the lunch food.
The lunch is in the red pannier.

As we were eating lunch, a motorcycle came up the road. They had plenty of room to get by. Shortly after the motorcycle, a jeep came up the road. Turns out it was a guy named Clayton who actually lived up the road (the only private property owner). He is the one who did all the chainsaw work along the road. We chatted for awhile, then finished our lunch and headed back.
Here's the gate on our way back.

As we got back on Wenatchee Lake Rd, we turned and rode North Shore Dr. There are some beautiful homes along the lake. Many are for sale.
Lake Wenatchee

We returned to the main road and rode back to the cabin. In all it was about 38 miles. Another beautiful day for a bike ride!

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