Monday, July 8, 2013

A Mosey Along the McKenzie

This morning I left Eugene to begin Phase 2 of my Long Way to the Cabin Tour--the Mountain part. I had a nice time in Eugene with Kyle, Mallory, and her family. Due to the house being a Construction Zone, I sampled many of the restaurants Eugene has to offer, including three visits to Sweet Life Patisserie (I highly recommend everything they make!).

It was very easy getting out of Eugene. I rode through the U of O campus one last time. There were bike lanes all the way through Springfield. It was a very quiet Sunday morning.

Pretty soon, I was pedaling alongside the McKenzie River. I crossed it once, then it was on my right until the town of McKenzie Bridge.

I went through a number of small towns with names like Waterville, Nimrod, and Rainbow. I noticed there were a couple of dams on the river. At one of them, I could ride across it.

The dam was not the road I needed to take, but I crossed (then recrossed) anyway. I did the same thing a few more miles down the road at a covered bridge. The bridge was called the Goodpasture Bridge.

It was a lovely covered bridge.

After going through the town of McKenzie Bridge (where I crossed the river again), I didn't have too much farther to go. My destination for today was Belknap Hotsprings. The tent sites are expensive at $25, but there is a hot spring-fed pool (think giant jacuzzi without the bubbles--yes, it's that hot!), and wifi. The source of the Hotsprings is across the footbridge on the way to the tent sites. 

After setting up my camp, I donned my swimsuit and headed for the pool. I had a good soak in the hot water, and was wishing for a nap afterward! Instead I took a shower. Here's a couple of photos from the pool

This shot is taken half in the water, half out. Cool, huh?

Tomorrow I backtrack about a mile to get to the road over old McKenzie Pass. I am now on the McKenzie Pass Scenic Bikeway!

It's unlikely I will have wifi again until Hood River. That will be four passes from here (McKenzie, Santiam, Blue Box, and Bennett)! Yep, it's time for the Mountain Phase!

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Great photos. I need to check a map now.