Thursday, July 4, 2013

A 4th of July Ride to a Winery

Not just any winery, but the winery where my oldest son will be getting married in November!

Happy 4th of July!

I wanted to do a ride today, so I decided to ride out to Sweet Cheeks Winery. I figured the winery would be closed for the 4th, but I wanted to do the ride anyway. I Google-mapped the route and it gave me three options, so I used two to make a big loop.

Although Eugene itself is pretty flat, it is surrounded by hills. To go south, I first had to climb a ridge on Lorane Hwy. It was about a mile long climb, but it was shady and really quite nice. I came down the other side into a valley, so it was pretty flat...for awhile. Then I had to turn onto Briggs Hill Rd. Not surprisingly, it was another climb. Since I didn't have any bags on Betsy, I decided I would not allow myself to utilize super granny. Afterall, I need to work on my hill climbing anyway! I made it to the top. Coming down I could see the winery up on the hillside.

I reached the gates at the bottom of the driveway, and, as suspected, they were closed. 

I double-checked my route and headed back. At one point, I was back on Lorane Hwy, but in a different place. There were some pretty sections of sweet peas along the road.
Notice the couple on the tandem. There were lots of cyclists out today.

I turned onto Fox Hollow Rd. I figured I would have to climb back over the ridge. Sure enough, climb I did! It was a long climb on Fox Hollow, but a nice view near the top.

Coming down the other side, I hit my maximum (and maybe all-time max) speed for this trip of 40 mph! The Da Brim was flapping up and down if my head wasn't angled just right. It is only rated to 25 mph! Still, it was fun!

I just had one more short climb on Willamette before I was nearly back to the house. 

It was a very pleasant 30 mile ride for the 4th of July!

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