Friday, July 12, 2013

A Relaxing Day in the Hood

Hood River that is.

I've been driving (yes, driving, as in, a car) my young cousin, Claire, to her various practices while I've been here in Hood River. I must say, I'm getting pretty good at getting around this town! Well, okay, I can get to the pool, the middle school, and the grocery store--maybe not the whole town.

After Claire's cross-fit training this morning, we went to lunch at a Thai restaurant. Then we went downtown to Mike's Ice Cream--the best in town.

Here's Claire enjoying her coconut ice cream. I think she likes coconut about as much as I do!

We wandered around town for awhile then returned home. Claire was supposed to have Goalie Practice at 6:00, but when I took her there, no one showed up. So, instead we came home, finished off last night's leftovers, and watched Les Miserables. Geez, that is one long movie!

Now I have repacked my things. My food panniers are, once again, too full. But, once I head out of Carson tomorrow I will have 70 miles of limited services. Truthfully, I probably have enough food for the next 140 miles!

It's back into the mountains I go...

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martha.blackman said...

We had the opportunity to enjoy Mike's ice cream when we were in Hood River also.