Wednesday, July 3, 2013

From the Temperate Coast to Toasty Eugene

It was a little chilly and foggy this morning when I woke up. However, I looked at the weather and saw it was going to be 91 in Eugene. I would soak up the coolness as much as possible! I rode the 3 miles back into Florence to Hwy 126--aka the Florence-Eugene Hwy. 

Hwy 126 followed along the Suislaw River until Mapleton. 

It was pretty flat and the shoulders were wide. Very pleasant riding conditions.

At Mapleton, the road briefly departed from the river and I did a little climbing. Pretty soon I was doing some significant climbing. This climb lead to a tunnel where there was the ever-present button for cyclists. 
It has become kind of strange that for each tunnel I have gone through I have not had a single car pass me! It's not that there are cars going slow behind me. There are no cars at all.

After the nice downhill on the other side of the tunnel, I eventually came to the town of Walton. I pulled off at a farmstand mostly to use the potty shack. I felt bad just using the potty (even though it was just a sani-can), so I got a blueberry/banana milkshake and an apple pastry. The gal told me I still had a big climb ahead of me. Turns out it wasn't bad. It topped out at 769 ft. 

The rest of the ride into Eugene was pretty hot. I finally had to stop at a gas station for some Gatorade.  I was PARCHED (and water wasn't cutting it)! 

I rode a couple more miles and then got on the Fern Ridge Trail. I got off the trail at Bike Friday so Betsy could visit her birth place.
She was so excited, she fell over.

I rode the rest of the trail into town and worked my way to Kyle and Mallory's new house. They weren't home yet. The dogs were barking. I sat down and ate my bagel with peanutbutter and Nutella. Just as I was ready to pull out my chair, Kyle and Mallory rolled up.

Now I am here until Sunday. The house is pretty much a construction zone, but it's gonna be fun!

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