Monday, July 22, 2013

Chillaxin' at the Cabin

This week is the reward for all the climbing I've done the last three weeks. A week of chillaxin' at the cabin.

Annette and Lorraine arrived Friday afternoon and evening. While awaiting their arrival, I did laundry and attempted to publish a blog post at the Plain Hardware Store. The wifi was not good, so I had to wait until later in Leavenworth at Safeway.

Annette arrived and, after unloading her stuff, we returned to Leavenworth for groceries. For the amount of food we buy, you'd think we were here for a month! We planned our dinners while roaming the aisles of Safeway. Annette would do a Cobb salad dinner and a shrimp dinner. I would do a vegetable sauté and  fresh pasta dinners. Lorraine had told us she was bringing chicken and spaghetti options.

Back at the cabin, Annette and I fixed our dinner, and awaited Lorraine's arrival. She made it by 8:30. Yay-together at last!

We have calculated that this is our 10th year of coming to the cabin. For the first 7 years, we brought our boys with us (except my oldest, and Annette's oldest). Between the three of us, we have 8 boys. For most of those 7 years we had three of my boys, Lorraine's two, and one of Annette's. A couple of the years, I also brought whatever French boy we happened to be hosting. Bit by bit the boys reached ages where, either because of activities, or lack of desire, they stopped coming. Finally, three years ago, it was just us three. Although we have had great times with the boys, we really enjoy our week with just us gals.

Saturday was Lorraine's birthday. I woke up early and rode down to the hardware store and bought two huge fresh cinnamon rolls (obviously this is not your average hardware store). We served them up with a birthday candle to Lorraine.
They were delicious!

We spent a leisurely morning catching up and relaxing. Finally, in the early afternoon, we went down to the pool. We usually ride our bikes down (it's a mile), but the Ponderosa-powers-that-be have resurfaced the road with oil and gravel. The gravel is still quite thick coming down the steep hill (previously, we have achieved speeds of 34-38 mph coming down this hill--FYI, it's a beast to go back up!). We opted to drive Annette's car.

After dinner, we looked at Annette's photos from Costa Rica (her epic 50th birthday celebration). Except for getting her finger nearly ripped off on a zip line, and a thing about snakes, the trip looked fantastic. Now I want to go to Costa Rica (a little nervous about the snakes though)!

Sunday, we finally pulled our butts out of bed. We spent our usual lazy morning sitting out on the deck. In the early afternoon we decided a bike ride was in order. We would do our traditional Chewawa Loop ride. It's about 17 miles through Plain, out to Chewawa Loop Rd., a brief time on Hwy 207 to Beaver Valley Rd, and back to Plain.


Annette and I 

At one point on Chewawa Loop, Annette noticed she had an unusual bulge in her front tire. We kept going. As we were coming up Beaver Valley, we heard a gunshot pop. Well, of course, it wasn't a gunshot, it was Annette's tire blowing.
The rip in the tire is about two inches long.

Lorraine rode back to the cabin, put her bike on her rack and drove back to Annette and I. They swapped bikes, and Lorraine and I rode while Annette drove back into Plain where we stopped for ice cream at the grocery store (not the hardware store!). 

We finished off by taking a dip in the pool and showering. Dinner was a very late affair at 9:30. 

Today is Monday. Tomorrow we have booked a Whitewater Rafting trip on the Wenatchee River. Lorraine and I have never done this. We are going with River Riders Rafting Company. Gonna be fun!

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