Thursday, June 27, 2013

Oddly, Outnumbered!

Once again, there was rain throughout the night. However, it quit long enough for me to pack up and eat my breakfast. I tried wearing my rain jacket as insurance that it wouldn't rain, but, alas, I think I need a new insurance policy. As I headed out from Fort Stevens, it had begun to rain again.

Since I hadn't had wifi for the last two days, I decided to go back to Warrenton to the Starbucks. I also needed a few groceries. There is a nice Fred Meyer near the Starbucks.

After posting and shopping, I headed south on Hwy 101. The rain quit and I swapped out my lousy insurance policy for my hi-vis jacket. Even though it has been raining everyday, it has not been cold. 

This section of 101 is not very exciting, so I just pedaled along; feeling the mild soreness in my legs from yesterday's near century ride. I figured once they warmed up they would feel better (mostly true).

I made it to Seaside and, like last time I was here, rode The Prom (a sea wall promenade that pretty much runs the length of the town). At first I had the Prom to myself, but aways further, near the Aquarium, there were a number of people. They moved out of the way as Super Biker Woman on her little-wheeled Betsy came through.

Beyond Seaside, 101 turns a bit inland. There is a good size climb before dropping back down and out  to the ocean at Cannon Beach. There I stopped at my old roommate, Julie's, quilt shop (if you are a quilter visiting Cannon Beach, she is the only shop in town--quite the selection too!). The only time I see her is when I'm riding through Cannon Beach, but that's been three times in the last 4 years! Julie was pretty busy and also hobbling around on crutches from a badly sprained ankle. We didn't visit long.

After leaving the quilt shop, I rode across the street so I could go take a photo of Betsy with Haystack Rock. She also saw a big puffin that she wanted her picture with.
As you can see, I obliged.

As I continued over to the beach access for Haystack Rock, I saw two gals with their touring bikes (Surly LHTs) sitting on the wall out of the wind. Of course I stopped to talk to them. They were Caroline and Martha from the Midwest. They were out here to do a bit of the Oregon Coast. However, they were not enjoying the headwind. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention there was a headwind today--a really strong headwind! This would have been the day any northbound cyclists would love! 

Caroline and Martha were waiting to take the bus further South. They also didn't like all the traffic. Unfortunately, that is the Oregon Coast in the summer. It doesn't just attract cyclists. I told them the traffic doesn't bother me too much. I took a photo of the three of us. That's Martha on the left and Caroline in the middle (notice Haystack Rock in the background--I am so good!). 

Here's the photo of Betsy with Haystack Rock.

We said our goodbyes (I gave them my blog address) and I returned to the road. Just a short way down the road, I pulled off for a bit of lunch at Tolovana Wayside. There was a guy sitting on a bench playing guitar. I listened as I ate a hunk of Dave's Killer Bread Sindog.

Next up was the climb through the Arch Cape Tunnel. It has a button to push to warn drivers there is a cyclist in the tunnel, but I managed to get almost all the way through before a car passed me (several were coming the other direction). I stopped at the other end to turn off my flashing headlight and taillight.

See? No cars!

I continued to the top, then cruised down to Oswald West State Park. Then it was another long climb to where you can see Manzanita and Nehalem Bay down below. They have recently repaved that section so it was very nice riding.

At the lookout, the wind was really whipping. I decided it would probably be a good idea to take the Da Brim off my helmet so I wouldn't be picked up, ala Mary Poppins, and blown over the side! Notice how flipped up it looks in the photo before I took it off.
That's Manzanita and Nehalem Bay below. A little bit more climbing after the lookout, then it was a screaming good downhill!

I made it to Nehalem Bay State Park. This is my favorite Hiker/Biker site. This is also where I met Christian (only, I thought he said his name was Kurt--I found out the next night at Cape Lookout that it was Christian). When I arrived at 4:00, there were just two other tents. I didn't see any bikes. Later I saw their backpacks. Later two backpacking gals came in. Hmm...that makes 4 Hikers and 1 Biker. I am outnumbered! The hikers are hiking the Oregon Coast Trail.

I fixed myself a delicious dinner of sautéed zucchini, mushrooms, carrots, tomato, and broccoli in a garlic balsamic dipping oil. I added some chicken for protein. When the veggies and chicken were done, I added a bit more oil to the pan and toasted a couple slices of sandwich thins. It was gourmet!!! One thing about it not being sunny, the veggies keep longer in the pannier. Anyway, it was great and I am full!

I hear the sun is supposed to come out tomorrow (bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow there'll be sun). I won't hold my breath...

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