Friday, June 28, 2013

Netarts Hwy 2, Cape Meares 1

Again with the rain! This time I started with my rain pants on. I left Nehalem Bay at about 8:45. The ride was uneventful until I got to Rockaway and saw Caroline and Martha's bikes parked in front of a restaurant. They were waving at me from inside the restaurant. I crossed the road and joined them. They were just finishing. Caroline only ate half of her French toast and offered me the other half. I ate it with marionberry syrup, and it was good!

Even though I didn't purchase anything (I tried to pay for half of Caroline's breakfast, but she wouldn't let me), I felt it was okay to use their restroom. I thought this sign on the restroom door was interesting. Apparently, only if you eat customers, are you allowed to use the restroom. And, you must eat the customers IN the restroom!!!

Anyway, when we came out, the wind had picked up so it was a little chilly in the rain. I put my rain pants back on. 

We rode in the rain through the little towns along the way--Garibaldi and Bay City. In Bay City (or maybe it was still Garibald)i, the Oregon Scenic Railway train was on the move. It had just blown it's whistle. 

There was also a "cow" engine on the tracks. 

When we got to the Tillamook Cheese Factory, Martha and Caroline opted to continue as they will have a few days in Tillamook to check it out. I went over so I could get my favorite Tillamook flavor of ice cream, Tillamook Mudslide. 

I also went up to the cheese making viewing gallery.

After my ice cream, I went over to the Chamber of Commerce to ask where the library was. I wanted to post yesterday's blog and I didn't want to have to hunt down a Starbucks (or buy something either). Turns out the library was right on my way!

Blog posted, so I headed out (actually, I never went in-just used the wifi from outside). Since I had just been to the cheese factory, I thought I would take a photo of where the cheese begins. 

The first time I did the Coast with Julie, we did the 3 Capes Scenic Route. It goes up Cape Meares, Cape Lookout, and Cape Kiwanda. The second time, I bypassed Cape Meares, and just took the Netarts Hwy to Cape Lookout State Park. This time I decided to do Cape Meares again (even though it is a nasty climb!).

As I came upon the turn, I saw this sign. 

I toyed, briefly, with the possibility that maybe a bike could get through. But, as you can see, if not, that would be 12.4 miles for nothing. So, once again, I took the Netarts Hwy. Except that there is still no shoulder, it seemed easier this time.

I made it to Cape Lookout at about 2:45. I was the first one here. Martha and Caroline have showed up as well as one other cyclist. The sun was out for a brief time, but everyone says the weather is supposed to get nice...

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