Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Next Tour is Planned!

I think the title of this next tour will be either, "Long and Winding Road to the Cabin Tour" or, "Here a Pass, There a Pass, Everywhere a Pass Tour".

I've had this idea to ride to my girlfriend's cabin near Leavenworth for a couple of years. Since I sold my van, it's time to make that ride. I also want to ride to Eugene and spend some time with my boys and future daughter-in-law, as well as ride the famed McKenzie Pass Scenic Bikeway. Naturally, I decided to combine the two!

Turns out, my brother is having a BBQ at his place in Portland on June 23rd. Perfect! I will take the train to Vancouver or Portland, go to the BBQ, and start my tour the next morning from Portland. I've heard good things about the Banks-Vernonia Trail, so I will make my way to the Coast while checking out this trail. 

Once I get to the Coast, I will make my way south to Florence. I've done this route twice before. This time I'm going to stay in some different parks (even though I really like the ones I stayed at). At Florence I'll turn east toward Eugene.

I'll spend the 4th of July holiday and weekend with Kyle and Mallory, and Connor too. Kyle and I may even do some day rides! From Eugene I'll head toward The McKenzie Pass Scenic Bikeway. That will be the first Pass. Before reaching Sisters, OR, I'll pick up the Sierra Cascades route.

Pass #2 will be Santiam on the Sierra Cascades Route. I'll make my way to Hood River crossing Blue Box and Bennett Passes (that's 3 and 4). 

On my previous Sierra Cascades tour, I had to detour to Vancouver due to Elk Pass still being closed. This time I will go over Elk Pass (#5) to Randle, then over White Pass (#6). I'll make my way through the Yakima Canyon to Ellensburg, and over Blewett Pass (#7) to Leavenworth. A mere 13 more miles over the Chumstick Hwy and I'll be at the cabin!

After a week of relaxing with Lorraine and Annette, I'll ride my way up and over Stevens Pass (#8). I'll get to do my favorite Old Cascade Hwy (from Courage Classic). I'll stay at Money Creek Campground (I've always been attracted to that name!) in Skykomish. 

I'll continue down Hwy 2 to Monroe and ride to Carnation. The last day will be riding from Carnation to Seattle. I could finish the way I started by taking the train from Seattle to Olympia, but since it will be a Saturday, Tim will come pick me up in Seattle. I'll probably meet him at the train station.

So, there you have it. Some old, some new. Hey, that would be a good name too! 

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