Thursday, June 1, 2017

All Routes Lead to the Midtown Greenway

At least it seems that way. My daughter-in-law came home from the hospital with my newborn granddaughter, Little Miss Harper, around 11:30 today. I wasn't really keen on doing a bike ride, but once Grayson was asleep, everyone else was asleep (except Mallory) too. Since the weather was warm and sunny, I decided to head out.  I followed the West River Parkway to its end. I think it actually became the Heritage Trail. It continued along the Mississippi for just a few more miles (or less). I passed several bridges over the river. The most notable one was the Hennepin Bridge. According to the sign, this was the first bridge across the Mississippi. Prior to there being a bridge, there was a ferry.
Hennepin Bridge
I turned around after reaching the end of the trail. Coming back I had a good view of downtown.
Downtown Minnie
On my way out, I'd seen a sign for the Cedar Lake Trail. Coming back, I turned onto it. It is a pretty cool trail; going right through downtown. 
Look! The one building is reflected in the other building!
The trail actually went under Target Field (where the Twins play).
Target Field
Of course, since I'd ridden around Cedar Lake before, it was no surprise where the trail ended up--at Cedar Lake! And, it also came out to the Midtown Greenway. I know it's not really true, but it seems like many of the routes somehow end up crossing or coming out to the Midtown Greenway. When I got to it, instead of immediatly heading back, I rode a couple miles further on the trail. I didn't get to the end. I suppose I'll have to do that at some point... It was a nice tailwind coming back. Even on the Hiawatha Trail I had a tailwind. I've been noticing on these rides that the wind has been typically coming from the West. That'll be a good thing since I'll be heading East...eventually.

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