Monday, June 26, 2017

June 25--Day 13--Lucky 13!

I said goodbye to Sharon, as she left around 6:30 with another difficult day of headwinds ahead of her. 


I left the park about 7:00 wanting to find the library and see if the wifi was on so I could upload yesterday's post. I found the library, and the wifi was on, but unlike Iowa, the password was not the phone number. No uploading today. I also rode by one of the historic Route 66 gas stations. 

Historic Route 66 gas station



I headed out of town, pushed by that glorious tailwind! What a treat to see lots of wind turbines turning from a west wind!

Wind turbine and old barn

By 10:30 I had gone about 40 miles and arrived in Ashkum. I stopped for a snack at the BP mini mart. There I talked to Carol who lives in Elkhart, Indiana. She gave me her address and phone number, and said if I happen to go through Elkhart, I can stay with her. How nice is that? I have no idea yet if I do go through Elkhart. Even if I don't, that was sure nice of her to offer. I also talked to a gentleman who said they have had a lot of rain this season. He said the corn should be much taller by now, and that some farmers had to replant because the first planting got flooded out. That corn on the cob may be a bit more expensive this year!


I continued riding on long straight stretches directly east. In fact, out of the 64.5 miles I did today, only 12 were in a direction other than east. As the roads (except the interstates) are laid out in a 1 mile square grid pattern, it was very easy to know exactly where I was, and to predict what road was next. Of course, it was all pretty flat. My average today was 12.4mph. My maximum speed was only 18.4mph. That means there was zero downhill!


I rolled into Iroquois at about 1:30. Again, like yesterday, I looked to the map to see if I should go on. There is no other camping for a long way, so Iroquois it is. There is a city park. The map says to check in with the Village Trustee. I called the number, but it was disconnected. Actually, it wasn't. I had dialed the wrong area code, but no matter, because a gal named Carla saw me and asked if I was looking for a place to stay. I told her I was, and she said she would meet me at the white building to let me in. It is in the park, and called the Iroquois Village Hall. Once in front of the building I saw this sign.


My accommodations for the night



Carla let me and Tilmann in (Tilmann gets to bunk with John Deere). She set up a cot for me, showed me where the shower was (complete with towels), the fridge with water, and told me to make myself at home. The only thing they ask is that cyclists leave a thank you note in the book. 

Tilmann and John

My room--really, it's an office.



Since I hadn't had any lunch, I thought it would be nice to contribute to the local cafe by having a burger. I had hoped to get some bananas at the grocery store, but it was a minimally stocked store (the convenience stores I've run across have more to offer). I'll be going banana-less for the foreseeable future. 


There is a 50th wedding anniversary party going on in the pavilion next door. I could crash it, but I don't have a gift or even a card, so I'll pass. I'll just enjoy my indoor sleeping accommodations. Tomorrow I'll say goodbye to Illinois, and hello to Indiana. I hope Indiana is as great as Illinois has been!



Total miles today: 64.5

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