Wednesday, June 21, 2017

June 21--Day 9--I'll Get No Bites Tonight!

Here's a shot from last night's sunset at Bennett County Park.

Sunset over the soybean field



Today is the longest day, but was the shortest ride. Something seems not quite right about that--a bit of a waste of a day, but that's just the way it goes! 

Bennett school buses



I'm at a Best Western in Muscatine, Iowa. It was just 26.6 miles today. The ride to Muscatine was basically just two long straight roads. Even though I was on the road for less than three hours, I met another touring couple, Bob and Sherry. They are from Reno, Nevada and started in San Antonio, TX. They rode part of the Southern Tier, then the Great Rivers South. Now they are riding Northern Tier to Minneapolis where they will finish. They had the cutest little Yorkie with them. She rode in a small basket on the front of Sherry's bike. Such a happy little pup! They had stayed with a Warmshowers host in Muscatine. I didn't even think about that. Of course, I didn't decide to stay here until last night. I like to give hosts more than just one day notice. Oh well, I'll keep it in mind as I continue on.


I arrived at the hotel at 10:45. The only room they had is the accessible king. Actually, that's not bad as there is more room for Tilmann. It also started to rain, so another good reason to hotel it tonight.

Power lines for miles



I've showered, FaceTimed with My Sweet Baboo (and Little Miss--who is three weeks old today!), and started a load of laundry. Next up will be some lunch, then relaxing for the rest of the day. Good thing is there are no flies or mosquitos--I'll get no bug bites tonight!



Total miles today: 26.6

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