Wednesday, June 28, 2017

June 27--Day 15--3 1/2 Miles Were Delightful

Apparently, I crossed time zones yesterday. So, this morning, when I thought I left at 7:30, I really left at 8:00. Who knew??? Anyway, here's an interesting photo from last night. This was after the first storm, but before a second batch of rain (probably from that cloud). 

Ominous cloud



Today was not very exciting, except for the 3 1/2 miles on the Nickel Plate Trail, and the rollercoaster road through Salamonie State Forest. The Nickel Plate Trail is much longer than 3 1/2 miles, but that's all that was on my route. I rode it from Deedsville to Denver (not that Denver!). Then I was back on the road. It was a very nice paved trail through a tunnel of trees, and occasional open spots where there were flowers. Denver was supposed to have a convenience store, but I think it was just a snack place at the ballfield, and it wasn't open. That was fine, I didn't need anything.

Nickel Plate Trail--the best 3 1/2 miles!
Flowers along the Nickel Plate Trail



Largo did have a convenience store, so I took a break there and had some lunch. Largo is right on the edge of Salamonie State Forest. I had originally planned to stay at the campground in the forest, but since I'd gone further yesterday, I pushed on. As I said, the road was a rollercoaster through the forest. Today was the first I've had to use the climbing gears in the last few days. My legs didn't like it so much.


There is the Salamonie River and Salamonie Lake. I rode over the dam that separates the two (and created the lake). Here's photos of each.

Salamonie Lake

Salamonie River



Once I left the forest, I was back to 12.5 miles of straight road. Today there was still a tailwind, but much much less. I felt the wind on my face from my own moving! That has not been the case the last three days. It was actually nice to not have such a strong tailwind. I could stop and not feel like I was going to be pushed forward! I know I know, one should never complain about a tailwind!


The place I'm staying tonight is called Kil-So-Quah State Recreation Area. It's on a lake called J. Edward Roush Lake. No idea who he is/was. For a Tuesday, there are quite a few people here. My map said this place was primitive. There are hookup (electric) sites and non-hookup. I guess what makes it primitive is that there are only vault toilets. There is piped water though. There is some serious shooting going on across the lake. I'm assuming target practice. 

Kil-so-quah on J. Ed's Lake



That's about it for today. Tomorrow will be a short day because I really want to stay in Monroeville at a cyclist only place. Plus, I could use a short day.



Total miles today: 64

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