Wednesday, June 28, 2017

June 26--Day 14--78 Miles...That's Enough!

I finally had an opportunity to go further than I planned--a chance to take advantage of the tailwind.


I left Iroquois around 7:15. Four miles into today's ride I crossed into my final "I" state, Indiana. There was no "Welcome to Indiana" sign, so...I made my own! 

Who needs a sign?



The first town I came to was Brook. My map said there was a library. I needed to upload the last two day's posts. I arrived at 8:40, but the library didn't open until 9:00. I decided that it was close enough, so I would wait. Carol, the librarian, arrived shortly thereafter, and let me come in a bit early. I looked around while she got things going. What a beautiful library! It's the nicest library building I've been in. The children's section was downstairs. It looked really fun and inviting. Once Carol finished opening, she gave me the wifi password and I got my posts uploaded. I could have spent all day there, but I had miles to go.

Beautiful Brook Library



Except for Brook, I didn't encounter another town with anything until Buffalo, which was where I originally planned to stay (well, a couple miles down the road). There was only a convenience store, but I got a sandwich and some chips. I got a Coke because it had "Kyle" on it.

Here's to you, Kyle!

Several people talked to me, told me rain was coming. One guy commented that I looked like the wicked witch from the west, like I haven't heard that before! I talked to the general manager of the store. She grew up in Buffalo, moved away, then moved back. I asked her what she likes about her town. She said everyone knows and looks out for each other, and the low crime. Although, she did say there are drugs. She's seen drug deals going on in the parking lot of the store (she lives in the house next door). She told them the surveillance camera had their license plate, so they'd better get off the property or she would call the police. She said the next night they were across the street in the cemetery. I guess the dead people don't care.


I pedaled on. I had 22.5 more miles to go to get to Fletcher Lake. There were dark clouds, but no rain. I saw a deer leaping through a corn field. Funny looking! About 2 miles from my destination, I saw another cyclist. I pulled up to him (Eric from Pennsylvania), and the first thing he said was, "I'm going the wrong way." Still, he was putting in the miles, having done 62 so far (he started at 6:30). He was going just 5 more miles to a house I had passed that offered water and conversation to cyclists. There didn't appear to be anyone home when I went by. Eric said the guy saw him and told him he could come to his house. Eric told me Fletcher Lake looked nice.


I arrived at the lake at 3:30 after doing 78.6 miles! It looked like a great place with a picnic table under one of those metal shelters. Restrooms are right there, power outlets too. The only problem was I couldn't find water. I finally walked to the house across the street as there were cars in the driveway. Judy, and 10 year old granddaughter, Gabby, came over and turned the water on. For the first time since Iowa, I had to pay for camping, but just $7.00. It's worth it because those rain clouds finally decided to drop some rain along with thunder and lightning. I set up my tent under the shelter. It's a nice place. 

Fletcher Lake




Even though I did 78 miles, I'm not terribly tired. I still had almost 6 1/2 hours of ride time. That's enough...

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