Monday, June 26, 2017

June 24--Day 12--Finally, Another Solo Woman!

This morning after crossing the Illinois River, and climbing away from the river basin, I had mostly just long straight roads heading east. Joy of joys, the wind was coming from the west! Finally, a truly awesome tailwind for miles upon miles of straight roads! Occasionally, I'd have to make a turn and go north or south for a bit. It wasn't too bad, but still not as good as the full on tailwind. 

Crossing the Illinois



As like it was yesterday, I didn't go through many towns, just Wenona and Cornell. I looked at the map and decided I'd better resupply in Wenona as it was the only town with a grocery store. Okay, the grocery store was a Family Dollar (who knew they had food?), so the selection was somewhat limited, but not as limited as the Casey's convenience stores that seem to be in every small town (some days I feel like I just ride from one Casey's to the next one).

Looks like Vegas!



I stopped in Cornell for some lunch. I only had 11.5 more miles to go to Odell, my planned stop for the day. Since I'd been making good time, I looked at the map to see if I could go further. Unfortunately, the next possible camping was another 38 miles from Odell, and I would already have done 55 miles. I decided to still stay in Odell.


As I came into Odell, I came to the intersection with Section 1 of the Route 66 route. They are in the process of building a bike path along old Route 66. 

Next to the bike path



There was camping at the city park. I had a little trouble finding it. I stopped at an American Legion ball field, but that wasn't the city park. As I was trying to look at Google maps, I saw another cyclist heading into Odell. As the cyclist pulled into the park, I noticed it was a woman. We both said, "Oh my God, it's another woman!" Sharon is from Anchorage (she even knows Lael Wilcox's mother), and is doing Northern Tier from Maine. Poor thing, as much as I have had an awesome tailwind, it's been a brutal headwind for her. She was hoping to get to Wanona today, but there was no way with the wind. She was pooped! 


We finally found the city park. There was a birthday party going on, and they said we could help ourselves to the food. I'd eaten in Cornell, so I wasn't particularly hungry, but Sharon had a burger and various salads. 

Sharon's tent and bike



The wind is still whipping pretty good, but there is a shelter. There's also another family here having a picnic and have offered burgers and Brats. I might just eat my own food as I have plenty. 


Speaking of food, I forgot to mention yesterday I checked off an Illinois Subway in Kewanee. 

These rows of soybeans are as straight as the roads!



Sunset in Odell



Total miles: 59.6



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