Wednesday, June 21, 2017

June 20--Day 8--It's Always Like This When I'm Tired

Boy, I sure could have slept longer this morning! Unfortunately, not really being in a campsite (although I did notice that my tent blended in quite nicely with the concrete bleachers), I wanted to get packed up quickly. I was on the road by 6:45. 


The wind was pretty calm for awhile. There was not a cloud in the sky. Before too long, though, the wind returned as strong as yesterday. It was starting to get to me a little, but the hills were bothering me more today. It seemed in the morning there was not a single stretch of flat road. Ordinarily, I deal with it just fine, but today I was struggling. I knew I had at least 51 miles planned to get to Bennett. I started looking at the map for closer options. I kept telling myself, this is Day 8, and I did a big day yesterday, and I didn't get enough sleep...yada, yada, yada. There was camping in Oxford Junction. There was also camping in Massillon. I decided I'd see how I felt when I got to Oxford Junction. 


In Wyoming (just like the state, it should also be called "windoming"). I stopped at the library for wifi, but the library was closed, and no network was coming up. In Oxford Junction the library was open, and the wifi was great. I had 45 minutes before Francine was closing the library, but I could have also used it outside. I finished uploading yesterday's post, and chatted with Francine for awhile. The library was nice and cool, and the chance to chat rejuvenated me so much that when I left, I felt good enough to go all the way to Bennett. Plus, as Francine and another gal in the library said, the roads were a little flatter. The wind was still awful though.

These lilies line much of the roads



I stopped for some groceries in Lowdon. After I left Lowdon, I noticed some clouds had swept in. They looked quite similar to yesterday's. Again, I was heading toward the blue sky. Also again, a few raindrops ended up falling on me. 

Behind me

Ahead of me



I rolled into Bennett County Park just as it started to rain more. I pulled up under a tree, then went to check out the restrooms. It's a nice new building. So new, in fact, that it's not open yet. Instead there is just an itty bitty vault toilet. I also checked out the picnic shelter since it appeared like it was going to rain for awhile. Since there are power outlets, I moved Tilmann over. It was just in time because the rain really started to come down, along with some thunder and lightning. I've decided I'm staying in the picnic area. Of course, the sun is out now, but it's nice to have the shelter anyway.

Safely under cover

Sun back out and the little pond at the park



I'm glad I went all the way to Bennett today. I know my doubt had everything to do with being tired. However, I am due for a really short day, so I think I'm going to go just to Muscatine tomorrow (about 30 miles). I'll probably get a hotel as there isn't really much camping...and a shower would be nice.



Total miles today: 53.2

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