Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Looking For Shade Along the Mississippi

It's been pretty hot this week. I haven't done as much riding as I should, but I've been battling some nasty clogged sinuses and a scratchy throat (compliments of My Sweet Baboo). I probably would have ridden anyway, but it's been so hot (upper 80s) that I would have been miserable. However, today I decided to go for it anyway. It was a good ride along the East side of the Mississippi as it was mostly in the shade. I went as far as the other end of Hidden Falls Park/beginning of Crosby Farm. It was just over 20 miles. Here's a few photos.
Mississippi River from the East side
Ford Dam
Path through Hidden Falls Park
The path runs along the Mississippi. There were places where I could tell it had recently flooded.
Cottonwood "snow"
I've decided my departure date from Minneapolis will be next Tuesday, June 13th.

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