Sunday, July 2, 2017

July 1--Day 19--Made it to the Great Lakes!

Okay, made it to a Great Lake (not all of them...yet). 


I managed to make it through the night with not so much spinning. As long as I move slowly, it's okay. It rained until late in the evening, but by morning the breeze had mostly dried my tent. It was misting after a bit, but it wasn't cold. I went without my gloves and sunsleeves as they just would have gotten wet. Here's what the road looked like this morning.

Misting foggy farm road



It was an uneventful ride to Fremont where I got to go on the North Coast Inland Bikepath. I think I is a pretty long path because when I got on it, the mile posts were at 54 miles, and it was counting down as I went along. I only rode about 8 1/2 miles of it. It was nice to be off the road. I thought this sign was funny.

North Coast Inland Trail

In case you are thinking of doing something else to alert your presence



After Clyde, I was back on country roads. At one point I was riding parallel to the Ohio Turnpike. Bit by bit I was getting closer to Lake Erie. In Huron, I made it to the lake. I stopped at the library, then rode another few miles to get to Firefly Beach Resort. It's a nice little place with RV sites and colorful little cabins. Just above the beach is this row of brightly painted Adirondack chairs. 

Colorful chairs

Lake Erie pano

Drying in the sun

Flowers and brightly painted cottages



I put my suit on (well, the top--just wore my bike shorts as they needed to be washed anyway), and went to the beach. The water was not really swimable as it was pretty shallow, but it was refreshing nonetheless. Then I was able to shower in the little bath house. 


This evening I was invited to dinner at the neighbors. Gordon, Al, Larry, Bob and Sue, Pete and Michelle (and their sons) are from Ohio, and come to Firefly Beach every year. Gordon is from Tampa, Florida. They all ride motorcycles, but also have big RVs. It was fun spending the evening with them. 


I'm still having little surprise episodes of dizziness, but generally I felt pretty good today. I just have to make sure I'm staying hydrated, and eating too...I know, I know, me not eating??? That's just crazy talk! But, when it's hot, I don't want to eat, I just want to drink. 


Tomorrow I should make it to Cleveland. There's a hostel not far from the route.



Total miles today: 53.5

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