Saturday, July 22, 2017

July 22--Day 40--I've Been Making New Friends, All the Live Long Day

Well, and last evening too. I had the most hilarious evening with the Hemlock community of campers. I've learned a new concept of camping, or "Camp" as they call it. As in, "We are going to Camp." Camp is where they park their RVs for the season (some leave them year round). Most of the people live really close by, like less than an hour away. They all know each other, and even get together in the winter for dinner. I guess it's like having a summer place, only it's really close to their rest of the year place. 


Anyway, I was invited to dinner by Nancy and her husband Parker. Nancy told me to have Barbara and Doug bring me with them (in the golf cart, of course) down the 100 feet or so to their campsite. So, I hopped on the back along with Gabby, Barbara and Doug's 11 year old granddaughter. We had stir-fry and leftover homemade chicken pot pie. The next night, it was Barbara's turn to cook. 


Then there was Bill. Bill was a character. He could not, to save his life, remember my name. It got to where he would look at me, and I would say, "Colleen". It didn't help that he was, shall we say...three, no make it ten sheets to the wind...if you know what I mean. His wife just rolled her eyes at him. However, remember that steep gravel road I mentioned in the previous post? Well, Bill needed to take his pickup in to get the tires rotated and the oil changed the next day. They would be leaving at 7:15, and offered to give me a ride to the top of the hill. Of course, I accepted!


The night was a blast with all of them, and the other neighbors that stopped by periodically. True to his word, Bill was ready to go at 7:15 this morning. We loaded Tilmann into the back of his pickup, and him, his wife (sadly, I did not catch her name), and I went to the top of the hill. It probably saved me 30 minutes of walking.

Bill and his wife
Cool clouds
You can tell there is no wind--Lake like glass
Yesterday, after I got Cam's mom's message, I called her and said I would stop by on my way to Bath. They really were just off the route a couple of miles. She said we would go to lunch at the Village House. I got to their B&B at 9:00. It was only 11 miles from the campground. There were some hills though, otherwise I would have arrived even earlier! I had a great time chatting with Shannon and Al, and a couple of their guests. They showed me a shorter, less busy way to get to Brunswick, and back on my route. Al even copied off the necessary pages from the atlas, highlighting the route I should take. He also copied off the pages to Bangor (after Bar Harbor), and gave me a road map of Maine. 



Before long, it was almost 11:00. We decided it wasn't too early to go eat. Al and I had second breakfast, Shannon had first lunch. It was delicious! After we got back, we took a couple of photos, and I headed on my way. I am so glad I stopped by. Their B&B (Chandler House) is really nice, and it would have been awesome to stay there, but I still had a great night with the Hemlock group.

Al and Shannon

Chandler House B&B



I followed my new route to Brunswick (it ended up cutting off about 10 miles). Coming into Brunswick, I met a couple cycling from Quebec City to Boston. I think they were following the Atlantic Coast Route.


In Brunswick I got on the Androscoggin River Bike Path. It was a nice bike path running parallel to the very busy Hwy 1. I will experience riding on Hwy 1 in places, but there will be a wide shoulder, so the map says.

Androscoggin River



At the end of the bike path I got onto Old Bath Rd. I was heading to my Warmshowers hosts for the night. Alicia and Mike are just a couple of miles off Old Bath Rd. I think I mentioned that I met their daughter, Rebecca, in Ohio. Rebecca has made it to Wyoming now (departing from the Northern Tier Route to get to Idaho in time to start her new job as a nurse). She is riding 100 mile days! Amazing!


Alicia and Mike are very nice. Alicia cooked a delicious dinner. I did my laundry, and Alicia hung it out on the line to dry for me! I thought I would be pitching my tent tonight, but instead I will sleep in a very comfy bed!


They have done the Great Divide. I told them they could do Idaho Hot Springs since Rebecca will be in Boise. They are totally awesome bikes people, and I'm so lucky to get to stay here with them. I'll probably take photos tomorrow.



So, counting last night, I've made so many new friends! I've said it again and again, this is what touring is all about for me! I love riding, for sure, but it's the people that make it the best!

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