Tuesday, July 25, 2017

July 25--Day 43--Bah Hahbah!

As the Maine folk say it. Yes, I have made it to Bar Harbor, and a day ahead of schedule to boot!


It did end up raining the whole evening last night, but at some point during the night, it quit. I woke up briefly to the sound of a Loon. Of course, what went through my head was, "The loons, Norman!" from On Golden Pond. I might have to watch that movie again when I get home.


Due to my early night, I was ready to go by 7:15, and that was with having to change the battery in my speed sensor of my bike computer. I returned to the route. As I came to where my map told me to turn off of Hwy 1, I could see a sign for USBR 1. It stayed on Hwy 1. I pondered for a moment whether I should just follow that to Ellsworth, or stay on my route. It was about 8 miles shorter to stay on Hwy 1. I stayed on my route. I don't really know why, except maybe I wanted to be on the route when I flipped to the last map panel. It was such an auspicious moment that I took this photo! Even though I will still use the map to backtrack to Ellsworth before turning toward Bangor. 

The last panel



Ellsworth was about halfway for my day, so I stopped at a cafe for second breakfast. I had my favorite of French toast and some bacon. It was quite a bit, and I was fairly stuffed when I finished. Then, I had to climb up a steep hill! 


As I continued making my way toward Bar Harbor, I heard something behind me. I glanced in my mirror and saw another touring cyclist. Once the shoulder widened out, he pulled up beside me and we chatted while we rode along. His name was Simon, and he was out for two weeks going from Sherbrooke in Canada to Halifax. The cool thing about him coming from Sherbrooke was that I will be going that way to go back. He came the exact route that I have planned! When the shoulder narrowed again, he went on ahead. I haven't seen him in the campground yet, but he thought he might come here.


After Simon went ahead, I was riding along on the shoulder when I noticed the traffic was slowing down ahead. I think a car was just making a left or something. Anyway, as I continued along the shoulder, a car came along in the traffic lane, and promptly slammed into the car stopped ahead of it. Now, I don't know because I didn't stick around, but I think the driver was gawking at me, and not watching the road in front. Usually, when a driver hits a cyclist, they say it was because they didn't see them. In this case, it's possible the driver hit the other car BECAUSE he/she saw the cyclist, and wasn't paying attention to the road. Kind of a weird turn of events (if that is indeed what happened--who knows--the driver could have been texting or something else--maybe it was just a coincidence that the driver rear ended the other car right after passing me).


I rode across the bridge over the Mount Desert Island Narrows. Mount Desert Island is the island Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park is on. Interestingly, Mount Desert is pronounced Mount Dessert. I wonder how they say dessert? 

Mount Desert Island



I knew the hills weren't over until the very last hill into Bar Harbor. Finally I came down that hill. The town was filled with traffic, so it took me awhile to get to the town pier and the official end of my map. After I took some photos, I wanted to celebrate by having a lobster roll. As I was pedaling away from the pier I saw the perfect opportunity. A place had a special of a lobster roll, chips and a drink for $20. I stepped up to the window and placed my order. The gal told me they were out of the lobster. Dang! So, I continued on. I kept looking, but most places were pretty fancy sit down restaurants. No lobster roll today. 

Tilmann made it!

So did I!



Now I had 3.8 miles to get to the campground. I got to Hulls Cove riding on Hwy 3. The campground was 1.5 miles from Hulls Cove. Only one problem. The road was closed to westbound traffic due to construction. I asked the flagger how to get to the campground. Just then a guy came up to me (he had bikes on the back of his car). He told me that the only way was to follow the detour, and come to the campground from the other side. It was going to add another 6 to 8 miles. I was about to turn around to do the detour when the flagger said I could go through as long as I stayed to the left of the cones. Okay, I could do that!!!


Off I went, ever so thankful for 2" tires. It was pretty rough. At times I had to wait for cars to go, then go on the road part to get around dump trucks and excavators. For part, it was pretty soft dirt. Tilmann handled it all just fine. The last part was new pavement, so that was nice. It would have been nice if the guy I talked to on the phone the day before had mentioned the construction. The campground is right on the edge of it. 

A wee bit of rough riding




I've paid for two nights because I want to ride in Acadia NP tomorrow. I have a plan now for dealing with the construction. I can ride the correct direction through the construction to the Hulls Cove park entrance and Visitors' Center, then when I want to come back, I'll catch the Island bus. It's free. 

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