Wednesday, July 12, 2017

July 12--Day 30--And Now For Some Hills

So long days of flat riding! It was nice while it lasted! 


I left the shores of Lake Ontario and headed inland (seems weird to say inland when I'm talking about a lake--but it's a BIG lake--almost like an ocean). Here's a final sunset over Lake Ontario.

Final sunset



Yesterday, I saw this sign.

Horse and buggy sign

Today, I saw several of them. To go along with the sign, there was an actual horse and buggy.

It had just pulled into the driveway

I was in Amish country for the better part of the morning and early afternoon. I even stopped at an Amish farm stand and got a yellow squash so I can have it with my special seasoning from Christine (I know I can put it on other stuff, but I've got a hankering for some squash). I waved to the two young girls sitting on the porch of the house.

Amish veggie stand



It was quite warm and humid today. That, coupled with going up many many hills, made for a sweaty ride. While I was in my easiest gear a lot today, it wasn't like it was mountains. Those are still to come.


In the town of Pulaski, I met Tom Jones (not THAT Tom Jones). Born and raised in Pulaski, he informed me that it is pronounced Pulas "sky". Good to know...


I sat in the park in Pulaski to upload yesterday's post. For some reason, when the internet connection is not great, the app that I use doesn't show the photos. I don't know why, and I don't know how to fix it, short of redoing the post. If it happens again when I really want the photo to be seen, I'll try to put it in the next post. In the case of yesterday, there weren't any photos that were that great.


Today I had a few towns pretty close together, then a long 15.5 mile stretch of just going up and down amongst the trees (definitely more trees than fields now). There were a number of cabins along creeks, and a few lakes. In West Leyden I stopped for soft serve ice cream. That, and a Dr. Pepper, hit the spot. 

Salmon Lake Reservoir

Creek and lake



I had just 7.5 more miles to Boonville, and it seemed to be mostly downhill. I stopped in Boonville and picked up a few groceries as it was a larger grocery store. Two miles or so out of town (on the route) I came to Stysh's Brown Barn Campground, my stop for the night. I didn't see anything that said office, but after checking out the downstairs part of the barn, I came out, and was looking at what might be a good campsite, figuring the owner would find me. About then, a car drove up, and it was Dan Stysh, the guy in charge. He told me it is going to rain tonight, so I should set up in the upstairs part of the barn. That sounded fine to me, and I just rolled Tilmann inside the barn. He said I could set up my tent inside, but I didn't see any reason to actually set up my tent. I just laid the footprint out and put my sleeping pad and sleeping bag on top to keep them clean (after all, it is a barn).

Bed for tonight



Showers, restrooms, kitchen, and laundry room are downstairs--it's also quite cool down there. All this cost me $7.00! There are all manner of farm implements hanging on the walls, along with old signs and advertisements. There's even this bike!




The potential for a storm does look pretty strong. I'm glad I'm under cover for the night.



PS The mosquito bites on my feet are driving me crazy! I feel like I need to soak my feet in a bucket of hydrocortisone cream!

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