Thursday, July 27, 2017

July 26--A Mountain and a Lobstah Roll

Today was a DWFP day--a day without forward progress--even though I rode 23 miles. 


Since it was downhill through the construction, I rode Tilmann to the Hulls Cove Entrance Station to Acadia National Park. There I purchased a map that I didn't need to buy, and paid for my pass into the park. The reason I didn't need to buy the map was because they gave me a park map which had all the info I needed. Oh well, the map I bought will look nice on the wall at home.


I had made my plan for the day. First up was riding to the top of Cadillac Mountain. With no gear except my handlebar bag, it wasn't too bad of a climb. It was 3 1/2 miles of a 6-7% steady grade. A couple of road Bikers went by me, but I managed to do the whole thing with 2 gears to spare. I took this photo of Eagle Lake on the way up. 

Eagle Lake



At the top I took several photos (no duh), and met a couple of road bikers from Pennsylvania named Stephanie and Mark. They had done the loop road. I wanted to do some of the Carriage Paths. They didn't feel they could do them on their road bikes, as they are not paved. 

Made it to the top!

Pano from Cadillac

Bar Harbor down below



The descent was awesome! Two cars even pulled over to let me pass! At the bottom, I turned to continue through the park to the Eagle Lake Carriage Path. As I said, the paths are not paved, but they are pretty solid surfaces. Apparently, Rockefeller wanted to build all these carriage paths through the park. Initially, he wasn't allowed to do so. But, when he said he would make them blend into the surroundings of the park, he was allowed to build them. It's true that they do blend in. You can't see the paths unless you are on them. The paths are not flat. In fact there are some pretty long uphills considering these paths are used by all kinds and ages of people. On parts, I saw people walking up the hills. 

Eagle Lake Carriage Path


Eagle Lake at lake level


I did just half of the Eagle Lake path, then I got on the road that I had come into Bar Harbor on yesterday. I wanted to go back into town by lunchtime so I could get a lobster roll before they ran out. I did make a stop at a shop, and picked up a few souvenirs (a t-shirt for Grayson, and a cute pair of leggings with a lobster on the butt for Harper--it's the first really cute thing I've seen for her). Back down to the pier where I had seen the "Lobster Special", I finally got my lobster roll! Have to say, it was pretty good! Basically, it's lettuce, and a whole pile of lobster mixed with mayo in a slice of white bread. 

Lobstah Roll



Since I had no desire whatsoever to ride through the construction again, nor ride the detour (equally as hairy with no shoulder and a ton of traffic), I made my way to the Village Green and the bus stops for the Island Explorer Shuttle Busses (the free busses that go all over the island, and as far off the island as Trenton). There was a #1 bus there, but I didn't know at that time, that was the bus I needed to take back to the campground. It left before I figured it out. The next bus was an hour later. Ah well, no problem, that just gave me plenty of time to get some ice cream. There just happened to be an ice cream place just across the street. It had unusual flavors. I actually settled on a blueberry soda float with toasted coconut ice cream. Yep, it was delicious!


Shortly after finishing, I made my way to the bus stop. The number 1 bus pulled in. There was another gentleman with a bike heading to the campground too. He put his bike on first, then I put Tilmann on. The busses can hold 6 bikes--three on the front, and three on the back. 


Back at the campground I paid for another night of camping as I have an adventure planned for tomorrow. I decided I really should have a day OFF the bike, not just a day with no forward progress. 


Last night, I was walking around the campground. I discovered there is a pool here. I guess I didn't look too closely at the map of the campground. Anyway, I put on my suit and went for a swim. I sat on a bench looking out over the harbor and dried a bit before heading back. It really is beautiful.



Tomorrow I will take advantage of the busses for my adventure, and spend some more time in town--maybe another lobster roll is in my future--or maybe a full on LOBSTAH!!!

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