Friday, July 14, 2017

July 13--Day 31--Plan A--No, Plan B--No, Plan C--Then Back to Plan A

Dan was right. A big storm did roll through last night. The way the rain was pounding on the roof of the barn, I was glad I wasn't in my tent. I even thought if it was still raining in the morning, I would just stay another day. I looked at the weather when I woke up. It didn't look too bad. I packed up, and headed out.


About 11 miles into the day's ride, it started misting. But, I wasn't cold, so I didn't put my rain jacket on. I entered Adirondack Park. I was officially in the Adirondacks now! The terrain was pretty much the same as I had yesterday, mostly rolling hills, but still requiring the lower gears.

Adirondack Park



There was a surprising amount of traffic on Moose Rd., and I saw my first log truck of this trip (really getting into the forest now). 

Misting rain

The old school house



I stopped in Thendara at a nice gift shop and got an Adirondack postcard for Grayson. I talked to sisters, Nancy and Denise, who own the shop (I think). They said they would follow my blog, so Hi Nancy and Denise!!!


Just before coming into Thendara, I saw this bike path. I rode it for a bit, but when it went away from the highway, I got back on the highway. I never know if these bike paths that are not on my map will take me where I need to go.

Tobie Trail



In this case, it did. I rode the Tobie Trail all the way to Old Forge. I spit me out right at the road I was supposed to go on. Still, I rode around a bit. I saw there was a good size waterpark. Too bad the weather was not better.


I returned to the South Shore Rd to ride to the next town of Inlet. The road was a definite roller coaster of hills, but I didn't pay much attention because I was enjoying reading the signs for all the cabins. People were pretty creative with their play on words. Of course, there were the standard "Pine Cove", "Wood whatever", and others, but there was also, "Moot Point", "Penn Gwyn", "Beside the Point", Segaul's Nest", "Loon-a-Tik", and "Whitzend". They entertained me the entire 12 miles to Inlet. 


My original plan, Plan A, was to go to Eighth Lake (the last in the Fulton Chain of Lakes). But, since I have been ahead, I decided to go with Plan B, a campground called Golden Beach that was 8 or 9 miles further. With the rain, however, I decided I would re-evaluate when I got to Inlet. 


In Inlet, I stopped at the Screamen Eagle Bar for some lunch. Everyone I'd talked to said it was the best (I also didn't see any other option). The gal at the counter looked at the weather for me, and said it was supposed to start raining around 3:00, and rain all night. I decided to stay at the motel in Inlet (Plan C).


After lunch I rode over to the motel. It was just a small place, but they had no vacancy. I'd stopped at the bike shop (they had no stickers) before, and they had said there were two motels, the one I went to, and another one 2 miles out of town. I continued on to the other one. It also had no vacancy. So much for the motel idea. By this time I'd just decided to go to my original campground at Eighth Lake. Hopefully, I'd get there in time to get my tent set up before the rain. 


I made it, and got my tent up. I set it up so that I can take it down in the morning under the rainfly if necessary. Just as I was finishing inflating my sleeping pad, my neighbor, Joan, came over and said she had made a cake, and would I like a piece. Of course, I never turn down cake! I met Bob, Joan's husband, and we all had cake and ice cream. That's a first! I've never been invited for cake before!


After chatting with them for awhile, I got changed, and took a stroll down to the lake. Rebecca was life guarding an empty beach (except for these ducks). She said she had had 4 swimmers the entire day. Well, the weather isn't the best...

Eighth Lake

At least a little color

Mama duck and four babies



She is 16, and when I told her I had stayed at Stysh's Brown Barn last night, she told me Dan is her brother's godfather, and her brother got married in the barn. 



So far, no rain. There's even a small patch of blue sky. Weather forecast is for rain the next three days. Needless to say, I hope not! I'd like my time through the Adirondacks to be at least a little nice!

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Denise (Girls in Thendara) said...

Hi Colleen!!! It was great meeting you when you came into Moose River Trading Co in Thendara BUT we must tell you we don't own the store our good friend Diane does. We love working there and meeting the people who come in....Good luck in your travels and we will be "traveling" right along with you.